Millennium Falcon “Feve” on

I thought that i’d try looking for some Millennium Falcon related items on French and German ebay sites and came across this interesting Millennium Falcon

At first i thought it may have been a Pokitpal but it seems a little cruder than that. It’s a licenced product but can’t make out the year or any brand name. I don’t have a clue what it is, any ideas?

About mffanrodders

A keen Star Wars collector since 1977, my collection focus seems to have taken on a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship. Why the Millennium Falcon? No one else seemed to have one at the time and it was fair to say that i had difficulty resisting the higher end models. My friend, icruise from Rebelscum has a superb blog for his Jabba the Hutt collection, I thought that i'd start this blog to chart my own collection of Millennium Falcon related collectibles as it increases.
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15 Responses to Millennium Falcon “Feve” on

  1. mikedemaine says:

    Okay. I know what this is, and I am jealous you found it first. It does not look like they deliver to the US, so you get this booty.

    Buy this right away.

    These are those little baked-in charms that you get in Xmas cakes (traditionally, they were of religious figures, but recently there are pop culture licensed characters). I forget what they are called, but you can Google for it. It is little and ceramic, and there was a whole series of Star Wars ones. This is very rare, especially over here in the States where the tradition is practically non-existent.

    This is an awesome find, man.

  2. mffanrodders says:

    It says that they’ll ship to Europe so hopefully they’ll be happy to send this to me in the UK. I’ve put in a bid of 10 Euros and will watch this over the next few hours.

  3. mffanrodders says:

    Thanks Mike, if i win i’ll ask if he has another. You never know.

  4. sylvie says:

    HI Rod,
    The cake itself is called: La galette des rois- King’s cake and the person who find the ” feve” figurine is the king for the day.

  5. Jack Daniel says: then hit translate this page. There you will find the collection.

  6. Jack Daniel says:
    ok, this site will show you the whole collection. The other site i noted sells some but not entire collection, but you can contact them on their site and inquire. Hope this helps.

    • mffanrodders says:

      Thanks Jack, that’s quite helpful. I won the ebay auction, but i need to try and find one for my friend, Mike.

      • Jack Daniel says:

        Just bought mine. I had to buy the whole set to get the falcon though. Total was $67 US (with shipping and insurance included) Its the collection with the starships.Got it from ebay france. Type in ‘star wars feves’.
        Mostly character figurines collections show up with the big yoda. I had to ask around 10 sellers to help me before one responded that actually had the collection for sale which included the falcon. I tried all euro ebays including canda. One guy in the UK said he had a set not for sale and that it was shipped from canada. I suppose they would be worth checking once in a while as well. Lots of French in canda.

      • mffanrodders says:

        Thanks for the heads up, Jack. I found a guy that had a full set of the spaceship set for 40 Euros (plus 12 Euros postage and packing). I’ll see if Mike wants me to pick him up a set and i might get one myself.

  7. Jack Daniel says:

    Sweet, i was just going to leave you the item number…260946666686. I dont understand french but it looks like there are 4 sets available. The set as a whole looks pretty cool to have although i only been collecting falcons for the last few years.

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