Rawcliffe Pewter Millennium Falcon

I’ve had my eye on these for quite a while. As well as Franklin mint, Rawcliffe Pewter also released their version of the Millennium Falcon in pewter. It’s about half the size and while i cannot remember how much it cost, it was also pretty expensive for what it was. (I don’t know what it is about pewter, but they sure do like to inflate’s their prices. 😦 ) Anyway, i’ve never seen these in the person before, but it is fair to say that attitude was one of “once again Star Wars fans are being taken for everything they can.”

Again, thanks to ebay, i bought one for a pretty decent price. I’ve got to say that i’m hugely impressed. Although half the size of the Franklin Mint one, it’s very impressively detailed and still a fairly decent representation of my favourite starship. There are two versions, One with a complete pewter finish and one with a gold painted deflector dish. I know that it’s not much of a difference, but as a Millennium Falcon collector, i have to have both versions. (I only found out the other day that the dish moves. That’s something that Franklin Mint were not able to provide.) Anyway, here’s a photo of each one. The wooden plate says that it’s limited to 15, 000. I wonder how niave people must be to think that 15, 000 of these is a limited edition. 🙂 Anyway, i talk too much. Here’s a couple of photos.

About mffanrodders

A keen Star Wars collector since 1977, my collection focus seems to have taken on a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship. Why the Millennium Falcon? No one else seemed to have one at the time and it was fair to say that i had difficulty resisting the higher end models. My friend, icruise from Rebelscum has a superb blog for his Jabba the Hutt collection, I thought that i'd start this blog to chart my own collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as it increases. Well, that was the plan but it now seems to be more about cataloguing any Millennium Falcon item in general now so that i can come back to them later.
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5 Responses to Rawcliffe Pewter Millennium Falcon

  1. troy patterson says:

    Man. I want one of those so bad.

  2. Thomas says:

    Nice to have found your page. Love the background photo of Falcon made out of knick-knacks, odds and ends. Would you care to mention (or contact me directly) what you paid for the pewter falcons, as I have one I’m thinking of lettselling; times are tough and I need to make the rent. Mine was a gift. How Cool, the one with the gold dish.

    • mffanrodders says:

      I remember paying a fair bit for mine as the shipping from the States was quite expensive. There are a few of these on ebay all the time, so your best best would be to check the listings there. I’ve seen them going between $99 and $159. Not cheap.

    • do you have a photo of the millinium that you have available ?

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