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Disney Magic Bands

At the Disney Parks, visitors can purchase “Magic Bands”. These bands are programmed with your ticket details and allow you access to designated areas, much like the RFID cards that you’re issued with. Some activate different lights and sounds, depending … Continue reading

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Smugglers Rendezvous by Stephan Martiniere

It’s been a while since I’ve been able to post about a new Millennium Falcon artwork from ACME Archives, but their latest email has this wonderful piece by French artist Stephan Martiniere. Simply called “Smugglers Rendezvouz“, it’s of Han and … Continue reading

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Hyperdrive by Laced Up Metal

I had some luck with Art last year and was able to buy some really nice original artwork for my collection. In fact I enjoyed them so much that I’m seriously considering subfocusing my collection even further to collecting just … Continue reading

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Falcon Crew by Simon Delart

Simon Delart recently displayed some of his work at the “Star Wars: An Art Odyssey” exhibition in France in partnership with the Pixel Cafe. One of his pieces was “Falcon Crew”. I have sent a message to see if they … Continue reading

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Escape from Cloud City by Jonathan Bergeron

Spoke Art are selling these Jonathan Bergeraon prints for $40. They’re limited to an edition size of 50 pieces and are approximatelty 16″ by 20″. Escape from Cloud City There are two others in the set. Chasing the Falcon Supercharged … Continue reading

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Football Jerseys by Enfios

I’m not a fan of Football at all, but i thought that this was an interesting license. A company called Enfios have a nice line in Star Wars football jerseys. Their Chewbacca jersey (Called “Grrrwaaaaaarggggh“) has a stylised Millennium Falcon … Continue reading

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SEGA Pocket Watch from Japan

These pocket watches by SEGA were available as a prize in the Japanese Disney theme park and as far as i am aware, were not generally available outside of that. The case is metal and comes off to reveal the … Continue reading

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Han and Chewie Messenger Bag by ABY Style

I just bought a decent ABY Style messenger bag with a nice Han, Chewie and Falcon image on it. It’s pretty cool in my opinion, not to mention handy. The bags itself is 23 cms by 27 cms by 8 … Continue reading

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Let The Wookie Win by Dave Nestler

ACME Archives have released a new print my Dave Nestler called “Let The Wookie Win“. It’s a scene depicting Chewie and Artoo’s Dejarik chess game from A New Hope and it’s very similar to Jim Ferguson’s work of the same … Continue reading

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Hasbro’s “Loopin’ Chewie” Game

Also from Hasbro this year is “Loopin’ Chewie” which is due to be released in Autumn later this year. It is based on the Loopin’s Louis game. Basically, a battery-powered motor placed in the center of the table rotates a … Continue reading

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