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Seatbelts by Buckle Down

Ebay sure does have a lot of new collectibles for me to gawk at today. These Millennium Falcon blueprint belts with seat belt buckles are by Buckle Down and are $24. Not too shabby. These blueprint belts are available in … Continue reading

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Star Wars Blueprint cufflinks

Ebay’s had some new and interesting Millennium Falcon related things on it lately. One of those interesting things is this set of Blue print cufflinks. I do like them, but at $60 a pair, i can’t afford them at the … Continue reading

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Joe Johnston’s Millennium Falcon Blueprints

I came across a site called Starwarsaficionado this afternoon and they had some rather intriguing blueprints from 1978 showing the layout of the Millennium Falcon and where things are in relation to each other for the full size mock up. … Continue reading

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Haynes “Millennium Falcon: An Owners Workshop Manual”.

I’ve been hoping that they’d release a Haynes Manual for the Millennium Falcon ever since seeing their release of the USS Enterprise one. Well, my prayers have been answered. I recently came across this in the Forbidden Planet newsletter. RRP … Continue reading

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Star Wars The Blueprints Book.

J. W. Rintzler is releasing this rather attractive book through Epic Ink about the Blueprints used in the original Star Wars movies. Limited to an edition size of 5000 pieces at $500 it’s a pretty expensive addition to my library, but i’ve always been … Continue reading

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Millennium Falcon Spec Plate from Acme Archives.

Wow, Great News indeed, another High End Falcon but not a model this time. Some time ago, ACME Archives released a Star Destroyer Spec Plate. It was very nice, but I always hoped for a Falcon one, but didn’t think … Continue reading

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A nice surprise this morning. Some more blueprints. Yay!

Some time ago (about 6 months) i ordered a set of Star Wars Blueprints from DK Books. It arrived this morning and i am very pleased to report that it contains some Blueprints for the Millennium Falcon too. I didn’t remember … Continue reading

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