Millennium Falcon 3d Owners Guide

When I first started my collection back in 2010, Scholastic released a Millennium Falcon 3d owners guide. It’s a pretty impressive picture book that details the intricate workings of the Millennium Falcon as defence, sensors or life support.



I love that the book also details the roof of each level as you turn the page. It’s an awesome book that has a lot of nice detail and it puts a new spin on the cross section format that I adore. I have a couple of copies in foreign languages. I also have one signed by Chris Trevas and Chris Reiff.

A revised and updated version for the sequel trilogy Millennium Falcon was released recently. I haven’t yet had a chance to go through them to see what the differences are between the two, but I would expect the same level of attention to detail that the original had.



I hope they release one for the Falcon as we see her in Solo.

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Solo Millennium Falcon cross section by Richard Chasemore

Although there was no Incredible Cross Sections release for Solo: A Star Wars story, I am pleased to see that there was an exclusive cross section in DK’s Official guide book by Pablo Hidalgo. Unfortunately, the only decent image I can find is the German version of the book. (thanks to my friend Brian for pointing this out to me)


Created by Richard Chasemore, (one of the original DK Star Wars cross section team), it is chock full of detail. It is incredible to think that this is hand drawn and hand painted by the artist.  (see below for photos from Richard’s Facebook page.)


Nice to see L3-37 in there. I also think that a cross section of the dart would be in order, too. We know nothing about this extension to the Falcon.

I wonder if we will see a publication with all three cross sections together? (In a gatefold, of coarse, as I really detest the page folds.) I’d love to look through each one, but I don’t really have the room.


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Cross X Millennium Falcon pen

My friend Brian contacted me to let me know of the Millennium Falcon cutaway diagram that is in the Solo Official Guide, so I started Googling for Cross section and stumbled upon this Millennium Falcon rollerball pen by Cross.


This was quite a surprise. I have heard of Cross pens and I believe them to be pretty good quality, but I had never heard of a Star Wars range of pens from them. I found one on Amazon for £55. As you would expect, it’s pretty heavy for it’s size and writes quite nicely. The graphic is a simple plan view of the Millennium Falcon on both the top and bottom part of the pen.


I like it and it’s a shame that there isn’t a set.

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Haynes YT-1300 Millennium Falcon Owners Workshop Manual

Back in 2011, Haynes released spoof book of the Millennium Falcon “Owners Workshop Manual“. Written and illustrated by Ryder Windham, Chris Reiff and Chris Trevas, It was a tongue in cheek book based on their extensive and well known range of vehicle owners guides. It is an excellent read and if you don’t have one in your Star Wars Library, I thoroughly recommend you get one. This year, Haynes release an update which encompasses a multitude of additions to the Millennium Falcon canon as we saw in “Solo: A Star  Wars Story”.


It’s 128 pages of densely packed information and It’s a good looking tome. At the moment, I have only glanced through, but there is quite a lot of new artwork on the inner workings on the Falcon. Some is from Solo as seen by these page featuring the damages sustained by the Falcon on her historic journey through the maelstrom and the “YT Dart” and the changed internal layout on the cover. YT-1300-owner-1



The attention to detail is stunning. As well as imaging elements that we saw in Solo, they’ve also added elements of the Falcon from the Expanded Universe and the toys, such as the unreleased Kenner “Cargo Handler” and Hasbros’ BMF’s escape pod as well.


Some is based on the new artwork created by for DeAgostini’s Build The Millennium Falcon and some is brand new. The attention to detail here is excellent and the co authors have really thought out every detail of the Falcon and her inner workings.

Haynes-37YT-1300-owner-3Haynespage-33I bought my copy from Amazon, but you can buy both the original and the update direct from Haynes.

I must confess to being a little surprised that we haven’t seen a DK Cutaway book release for Solo. I also see that the excellent Millennium Falcon 3D Owners Guide is being rereleased for the Sequel Trilogy. I wonder if we’ll see an Owners Guide for Solo as there are a lot of differences.

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Disney Toybox Millennium Falcon

I picked up this “Toybox” Millennium Falcon from a local Disney store as it was on sale for £37.50.
10818MFset1It comes with Han and Chewie figures and it’s features include lights, sound effects, a firing cannon and two removable panels.

The figures themselves remind me a lot of the Disney Infinity line and I like them.

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Han Solo’s lucky dice from EFX

At this years SDCC, EFX announced a few collectibles that they were working on. Han Solo’s lucky dice as seen in Solo: A Star Wars story is one of those items that interested me, (along with a full size Dejarik table).

They have gone up for pre-order on the EFX website for $159.


Of course, I have preordered but I think that they’re pretty expensive, for what they are. Still, no official Star Wars Merchandise is ever cheap, is it?

Ordinarily, I would never have bought them, but the come in a nice wooden display case.


The lid of the box is the Millennium Falcon cockpit which is pretty sweet in my opinion.


I wonder why they have branded these as TLJ merchandice and not Solo? (Did you see what I did there? 🙂 )

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Han Solo 51-30 SW Watch by Nixon

This Han Solo watch from Nixon attracted my attention due to it’s box, which is based on the floor tiles in the Millennium Falcon.


It’s a pretty good looking watch, but a closer inspection shows up many really great features that make this watch a must for my collection.

The red part on the outer bezel represents Han’s boast of doing the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs.


The attention to detail is great and the second hand is a tiny Millennium Falcon.


My favourite part of this watch, though is the Millennium Falcon etched on the rear of the watch face.


I will definitely pick one of these up soon. Perhaps after Christmas.

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