46SW Millennium Falcon Watch by Nixon

As you can see by my recent blog history, I’ve kind of been on the hunt for watches focused on the Millennium Falcon, after DeathSpawn6000 from Rebelscum sent me a wonder pocket watch from the states. I’ve known about the Nixon watches for a while, but hadn’t really gave them a second thought as I never felt that I had the money. In 2015, Nixon released three Millennium Falcon watches as part of their “Light Side  collection” , The Ranger Chrono, the Sentry SS and this one, the 46 SW “Never Tell Me The Odds”.

This is their SW46 and damned nice it is too.

Now, I know nothing about watches, but my first impression was wow, these are nicely done!!! The watches come in a nice black tin with a contrasted silhouette of Millennium Falcon’s cockpit on the lid and a motif of the Imperial’s military style lighting on the side. It’s a nice touch and great for display.

The watch itself is well constructed and heavy. As you’d expect, it’s made of metal and the gunmetal grey colour is meant to represent the colour of the Falcon herself. It seems of good quality and from what I can see on the internet on Nixon, their timepieces appear to be well regarded, which is always a good sign.

Before we go onto the details, I just thought that I’d point out the cockpit motif on the tin is reflected on the back side of the watch face. Simple, but quite a nice touch.
A916SW-2385-view5I have to say that I have been really impressed by Nixon’s attempt to capture the essence of the Millennium Falcon with these watches, especially with their dial.

  • The first thing that comes to the eye is the cockpit view at the 12 o’clock position. A nice crisp rendition that is well crafted.
  • The second is the quad gun second hand with the blue laser.
  • The third is that the blue band around the watch face represents the engines when in Hyperspace. This is a wonderful touch that I didn’t realise until I read up on this watch earlier in the week.

This watch is well thought out and well designed. I could wear the every day and no one would call me a geek, but a fellow fan would pull me aside. “Hey man, I like your watch”. That always feels good, right?

You can still get this from the Nixon web site for £280. If you’re sitting on the fence, get one. I’m really pleased and I don’t think that any Star Wars fan would regret it.



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Star Wars Watches by GSX

I also came across this Millennium Blueprint watch by GSX. Part of their GSX400 series Star Wars line of five watches.


Again, I really like it and it seems to have the whole “less is more” thinking in its design. These also retail for the $1, 000 mark and I haven’t seen any going cheaper online, so way out of my price range. The watches are limited to 300 pieces.

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Star Wars Watches by Invicta

After getting my pocket watch from Dan, I thought I’d do a little search for them online. I’ve seen most of them before and already have a few of the less expensive versions in my collection already. One that I hadn’t seen before was Invicta, who recently released a series of wrist watches based on Star Wars characters. This is their take on the Millennium Falcon.


I have to say that I thought that this was quite a nice time piece. The metal sculpt of the Falcon is nicely done. Each of the Invicta Star Wars time pieces have a retail price of over $1, 000 each.

I know that watches are an expensive purchase, but I can’t afford that much. Luckily, Amazon had one for just under £300, so I bought it. (Alas, the dangers of mixing online shopping and alcohol mean that I also bought one of the Nixon Millennium Falcon watches too. Whoops!)

Check out their catalogue. From what I have read, they seem to be a good quality watch brand. They have a large range of Star Wars watches and some of them are particularly well done. My favourite is the Imperial Guard and maybe the Han in Carbonite.


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Millennium Falcon Pocket Watch

One of the guys on the Rebelscum forum let me know of this Accutime Pocket Watch that was being sold at one of his local stores and was kind enough to pick one up for me.

d7b15b2c50534f639a7d71bdcb086b7c_Large (2)

Roughly 3″ by 2.5″ in size, it’s quite heavy as it’s made of metal and comes in a great tin angled for display. A nice touch, in my opinion. The top flips open to reveal the Millennium Falcon on the watch face too.


I’m glad that it’s the OT version of the Falcon, but at only $15.88, I would’ve picked it up anyway. Thanks to Dan for picking one up for me.

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Chris Cargill painting

I have three of Chris Cargill’s paintings in my collection now. He’s a talented artist and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to buy his work at really reasonable prices. Most of his Millennium Falcon work that I have seen tend to be from the rear. This one is different from his others as it’s of the front of the Falcon.

Cargill Painting (2)

There’s a lot of detail and although I suspect that this is created from an old image, I still think there’s a lot to enjoy about it.

Of the Cargill paintings that I own, this is my favourite. The size is 18″  by 24″ and at $130 plus shipping, it’s a great price for an original piece of art.

Check out his ebay shop, here.

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Blast Panel Battle Game

I bought this Blast Panel Battle game from a local toy store. It looks like its a variation on the classic Jenga family game, but in a Star Wars style.

8499510_R_Z001AThe game board is a vertical Millennium Falcon with hexagonal deflector shield pieces.

Two players each have a Star Destroyer hammer and take turns tapping out pieces of the shield and who ever knocks out the generator is the loser. Simple and I doubt the play value is long lasting. Nice board, though. 🙂

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Citibank Plush Toy

These Millennium Falcon and Imperial Guard plush were given away by Citibank last year.

I bought mine from ebay from a guy in Singapore.

It’s actually quite nice, maybe 10″ long by 8″ wide. The detail is only on the top of the Falcon only and it’s disappointing to see that the sides and undersides are just plain grey.

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