“That’s No Moon” by Max Dalton

This print of the Death Star by Max Dalton was released by the Spoke Art Gallery for the NY Comic Con this year.

That's No Moon by Max Dalton

Entitled “That’s No Moon“, and I thought it was a cool print that showcases all of the areas on the Death Star that we saw in Star Wars: A New Hope. Of course, we can see the Millennium Falcon in the docking bay, so I thought I’d pick up a copy.

The print is limited to an edition size of 350 and is 12″ by 24” and is priced at $50 plus shipping.

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Abstract Painting by Karol Cieslak

About two years ago, someone started displaying some really colourful, abstract (cubist?), paintings near where I work. Over the course of the next few early mornings, I noticed his work in the doorway of a local shop and saw that he was sleeping rough.

He approached me, one afternoon and asked if I wanted to buy one. Initially, I didn’t, but I asked him about his work. His name is Karol Ciesluk and he came to the UK from Poland. After a run of bad luck, he was made homeless but didn’t want to beg for money, so he decided to paint and sell what he could. I really admired his attitude and I knew then that I wanted to get a painting but one for my collection, so I asked him to paint me his version of the Millennium Falcon.


It took a while. Karol had some problems from time to time. He’s also not familiar with Star Wars and didn’t really know how to approach something like this and I was adamant that I wanted it in Karol’s own style.

The painting is oil on canvas and is 36″ by 24″. I have a place picked out for it.

He got quite a lot of attention from passers by while painting this and he says that he will be creating more Star Wars art in the future. It isn’t to everyone’s taste, but you’ve got to admire the gumption of someone to do anything other than beg for money.

I wish him the very best of luck.


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Rise of Skywalker Millennium Falcon by Lego

This week on The Force Friday, Lego released their first sets for the Rise of Skywalker film due out this year. Set 75257 is their latest incarnation of the Millennium Falcon.

75257 Lego Millennium Falcon 1

75257 Lego Millennium Falcon 2

It’s a handsome addition to any Star Wars collection. As you’d expect, the set comes with seven characters (Finn, Lando, Chewbacca, C3-P0, R2-D2, Boolio and D-0) from the movie and it’s really nice to see Lando Calrissian again.

75257 Lego Millennium Falcon 3

I don’t know what that Orange thing is, but the set has quite a few playable features, including a removable cockpit, two spring loaded shooter, a playable gunnery turret and a hidden smugglers compartment. The interior looks to be pretty detailed, too.

The set is 44 cm long, 14 cm high and 32 cm wide and consists of 1, 351 pieces and retails for approximately $150. Dads and sons will have a ball putting this together. I still need to get the Lego Solo Millennium Falcon, so maybe this is the right time to pop to my local Lego store.

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Millennium Falcon Anglepoise Lamp

Some time ago an Anglepoise lamp based on the Tie Fighter was released. It was pretty cool, but outside of my collecting focus, so I wasn’t going to pick one up.

Paladone Tie Fighter Lamp

Fanthatracks posted on their Instagram page that Paladone had followed this up with an anglepoise lamp based on the Millennium Falcon.

Paladone Millennium Falcon Lamp

Paladone Millennium Falcon Lamp 2

The lamp is approximately 60 cms tall and retails for £50 in the UK. It comes with a 3 metre USB cable. I will be adding one to my collection, of course.

Paladone Millennium Falcon Lamp 3

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Rebels for Victory by Brian Miller

I’ve been seeing teasers of Oktopolis‘s Return of the Jedi print for Mondocon 5. I knew I wanted it, but I was very worried that it’d be collection only. I am very pleased that Dark Ink have finally revealed the full print and I have ordered it.

Rebels for Victory

Called Rebels for Victory, it is a very nice print of the Millennium Falcon at the battle over Endor. I must say that it’s really nice to see all four of the Rebel fighters together.

Limited to 250 pieces, and signed by the artist. The print is 18″ by 24″, so it should be easy to find a frame. The price is $50. Naturally I have ordered one.

Artist proofs are also available on the Oktopolis web site, here for $99. (There are 9 available.)

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Millennium Falcon Lucasfilm presentation case

I saw this Millennium Falcon folder case on eBay. The seller claims that it was a Lucasfilm folder that he picked up in a house sale. It wasn’t cheap, but I couldn’t pass up the opportunity.

Folder 1Folder 2

It arrived this morning and certainly appears to be genuine. The cover is quite dark and the presentation inside consists of 11 sheets of the blueprint of the Falcon with printed notes and appears to be a Hasbro presentation.

I love how the cockpit looks like it’s lit up. 

Folder 4Folder 5Folder 3

The back of the folder is pretty bland.

Folder 6

Unfortunately, there are no markings on it, but it seems genuine to me.

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Millennium Falcon Lanyard

I also bought this light up Millennium Falcon lanyard. I thought that the Falcon itself would be small, but it actually is about seven inches long.


The face, engines and cockpit all light but, and there’s a small tube through the lanyard to light that too. I haven’t yet removed the protective strip covering the battery.


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