Millennium Falcon Poster by Toni Santos

I bloody love cross section artwork and stumbled across this lovely infographic style poster by Toni Santos on his Artstation page.

Millennium Falcon Infographic by Toni Santos

I haven’t seen this before, but it’s a nice looking image and I like the way that its been done. It looks to me that it was laid out as a gatefold image in the magazine that was spread across perhaps four pages. There is another image that i think might be the reverse side.

Millennium Falcon by Toni Santos

Created around 2017 for a Brazilian magazine called Mundo Estranho which literally translates to “Strange World” in Portuguese. It was aimed at teenagers as a diversities and fun fact magazine. Unfortunately, the magazine ceased publication in 2018. I imagine this would’ve

Toni is a freelance illustrator based in Sao Paolo and has been in the industry for 17 years. Below are some slightly better images.

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Millennium Falcon magic bands from Disney parks

Magic Bands are essentially an adjustable, wearable ticket for the Disney parks and allows you access to those areas and rides that you’ve paid for. I think they’re a good idea and very handy. I have seen a few Star Wars magic bands, but I’ve not really seen one that I felt that I just had to get, yet.

This Millennium Falcon one was released last week and I think it’s quite nice.

The Falcon cockpit on the face is a nice touch and an improvement over the silhouette Micky Mouse head. Although you can’t see it here, the other side of the strap is embossed with “Millennium Falcon”. This particular magic band is an open edition and you can buy them from the Disney store for $45.

These two straps are a bit older and I’m led to believe that one of them was limited.

Finally, this limited Han Solo, Chewbacca and Millennium Falcon one is my favourite, I think. Perhaps because I have a bias toward the Original Trilogy Falcon.

You can still get some of these on Ebay, but with shipping I’d be looking at around £60 to £70 and I’m not sure i want one that badly. It’s a shame they can’t be programmed to work as an access control badge as that would be be quite useful in every day life.

You can check the which has a lot more information on all of the Disney magic bands.

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Star Wars 45th Anniversary Pin

I love this limited edition pin celebrating 45 years of Star Wars.

A scene from A New Hope set in the Millennium Falcon cockpit on a Millennium Falcon shaped badge. What’s not to love? I’m not sure what these are limited to, but Disney pins are usually around the 2, 500 mark. You can get them on Ebay for around £20. Its a shame its not a Jumbo pin.

There’s also a nice Darth Vader one which i think has quite a clever perspective about it.

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Double Sided Jigsaw

This 1,000 piece jigsaw puzzle is rather nice. On one side is an image of the Millennium Falcon and on the other, a blueprint. The packaging is especially good in my opinion, but i do hope that the lid is changed to black.

Due for release on 14th October 2022 for £20, i’m on the wait list. I don’t know how big the completed puzzle is, but the Death Star is a decent 68 centimeters.

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1/6th Scale Millennium Falcon at Outpost-One

I know that we have all seen the Hot-Toys 1/6 scale Millennium Falcon, but I thought that I’d post this here. Geek1138 over at The Real Prop Forum has taken on the task of scratch building a 1/6th scale Millennium Falcon for a German museum called Outpost One.

The model is a massive 5.7 metres long and 4.2 metres wide and was built in two halves. Here she is in her Docking Bay 94 diorama.

Outpost one looks really interesting. There are full size section that includes mock ups of nearly 30 scenes and includes several Star Wars ships, such as the Tie Fighter and X-Wing as well as various costume replicas used in filming.

There is also a huge 1:6th scale set up of Mos-Eisley spaceport which include Docking Bay 94 (obviously). In the photo below, you can see Slave 1 (also built by Geek1138) with Ben and Luke in the foreground.

Check out their YouTube page for some videos and their website.

Please also be sure to visit Geek1138’s Millennium Falcon build as well as his Slave 1 build diary on teh RPF.

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3d Printed Corridor Wall Lamps from MunichCosplayStudios

Munichcosplaystudios appeared on my Instagram feed for their Millennium Falcon corridor wall lamps. Quite useful and very innovative, in my opinion.

Available in 3 sizes, with two finishes, there are dimmable and on-off versions available and prices range from £26.72 to £298.33. Could these be considered “prop-replicas”? I don’t see why not.

I’ll keep an eye on these as i’d like to get a pair to go up my stairs.

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Twelve Parsecs by Nigel Sade

A companion to Nigel Sade’s “Punch It” is “Twelve Parsecs“. Essentially a very similar image but using Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon as we see her in Solo.

Twelve Parsecs by Nigel Sade

Again, this print is available in four sizes. The Petit, (6″ by 10″ for $22.50), the Standard, (10″ by 20″ for $55), the Grande (16″ by 30″ for $110) and the Texas, which is a huge 24″ by 60″ for $300). The Grande and Texas prints a limited to an edition size of 10 and 5 pieces respectively.

I find myself wondering whether he’ll go for a triptych? (I suppose that the Sequel Trilogy Falcon’s already been done in Garbage and Welcome Home. Still, I’d love to see the Stellar Envoy as i think the paint job would really suit Nigel’s artistic style.)

Check out the website as there are a lot of really nice SF ships from Star Wars and other well loved franchises including Mass Effect and Doctor Who. I’m quite enamoured by a few of his prints. Bounty is Nigel’s take on Slave One and I think it’s bloody lovely.

Bounty by Nigel Sade

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Punch it by Nigel Sade

Nigel Sade has a pretty unique artistic style and judging by the number of starship prints on his site, he’s clearly a Science Fiction fan as well. His work is dark, visceral and has a kind of organic biomechanical look to it that is somehow disturbing yet beautiful.

Punch It” is Nigel’s second take on the Millennium Falcon and I rather like it.

Nigel Sade “Punch It”

Available in four sizes, ranging from the Petit, (6″ by 10″ for $22.50), the Standard, (10″ by 20″ for $55), the Grande (16″ by 30″ for $110) and limited to a 10 piece edition size and the Texas, which is a huge 24″ by 60″ for $300 and limited to 5 a piece edition size.

There are a lot of really nice images on his site from various Science Fiction Franchises. I especially like his take on The Enterprise A in “To Boldly Go”.

To Boldly Go by Nigel Sade

All Of This Has Happened Before – Battlestar Galactica.

All Of This Has Happened Before
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Millennium Falcon from Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski have made a few Star Wars ships in their signature crystal and I’ve always had a little soft spot for the line, especially after seeing them in the flesh. The figurines were really well made and about the same size as the Kenner action figures. The weight was pretty substantial which did impress me. Naturally, I wanted the Millennium Falcon but £12, 000 for their limited edition crystal encrusted Falcon is way too rich for my blood.

Swaroski Millennium Falcon (Article no.: 5619212)

This Millennium Falcon crystal is what i wanted and much more in my price range. Crafted from white crystal with grey and blue detailing, the ship is created using 715 individual cuts. It has metal accents on the quad guns and the rectenna and a matching metal stand. I think it’s quite pretty and will try and add it to my collection.

The ship dimensions are 14.8 cms long, by 10.6 cms wide and 9.5 high which is about the same size as the Franklin Mint Millennium Falcon. It retails for £400, which is quite reasonable, I think.

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Brick Lane Mural

My Instagram feed posted this beautiful Mural of the Millennium Falcon that looks like its crashing through the wall in the Brick Lane area. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the artist is, so I’m not in a position to credit them.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how much time and effort goes into the creation of something such as this. I really like the fact that this type of art is gaining traction in the city and many hoardings to building sites will often have a commissioned mural on it.

The area is quite well known for it’s graffiti murals and this one is located in the beautifully named Nomadic Gardens. I must take a day out to go and see them.

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