Millennium Falcon by The Urban Giant

I was browsing through Instagram last night and came across this image by “The Urban Giant“. I really like the Giant’s technical style, dark detail and its gritty look and while it isn’t the most accurate depiction of the Millennium Falcon, (Marc isn’t a die hard Star Wars fan), I really liked it and opted to get an A2 (16.5″ by 23.5”) print.

The original was hand drawn for his friends wedding and took an incredible 130 hours over 13 days. Its drawn initially in pencil and coloured using various media such as watercolour, airbrush acrylic, inks, pencils, posca pens and pro markers. There are 2 A3 prints still available to those who want a copy.

Check out Marc’s Instagram and Facebook pages as he has created a few very nice Star Wars images in a technical drawing style, each of which is all hand drawn rather than using a computer. I especially like his X-Wing, R2-D2 and line drawn Slave One images. Marc’s looking to draw a Star Destroyer in the coming months which should be a genuinely impressive image and I very much look forward to seeing that.

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Cinefex Magazine

As a teenager in the 80’s, one of my favourite memories was travelling into London with my friends and spending the afternoon in Forbidden Planet looking at all the cool merchandise. Back then I would mostly browse the books and I was very interested in special effects, at the time and would often walk out with the latest edition of Cinefex magazine.

Cinefex 13 – Return of the Jedi

I had quite a few issues, but stopped collecting them in the early 90’s as I became more interested in girls and beer. I’d completely forgotten about them until I read a review on the wonderfully titled Fantha Tracks website for issue 160 for Solo. I have the Cinefex issue for Return of the Jedi already, but I thought I’d go back and get the other with the Millennium Falcon on the cover, starting with issue 65 which focuses on ILM and Dennis Muran.

Cinefex Issue 65 – ILM Special

Issue 145 for The Force Awakens has a great cover.

Cinefex Issue 145 – The Force Awakens

Issue 160 from Solo.

Cinefex Issue 160 – Solo

The fact that the Millennium Falcon is on four covers from 11 films is pretty impressive and shows just how important she is to the franchise. Unfortunately, Cinefex has now stopped publishing, but you can still get back issues on Ebay.

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Star Wars Scrabble

I bought this Star Wars scrabble set which has a nice rendition of the Millennium Falcon on the cover.

Star Wars Scrabble by Mattel

It also comes with four plain tokens which are moved around the board as you score points. You can also use Star Wars words too, so the opportunity to slip Zuckass on to the board will be very handy when trying to get rid of those pain in the arse Z’s.

I think the inclusion of the Aurebesh equivalent on the tiles is quite a nice touch. For £20, it’ll look nice with my Star Wars Risk board game.

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Micro Galaxy Squadron by Jazwares

At this years UK Toy Fair Jazwares showcased a new line in their Star Wars “Micro Galaxy Squadron”, a new line of toys that boasts to be the first authentically scaled vehicle line in Star Wars toy history.

Jazwares Micro Galaxy Squadron

I’m not sure why, but this is something that I’ve always wanted and my first impression is that this is a very promising new range of toys. The ships are broken down by size:

Assault Class — Millennium Falcon and similar sized vehicles

Starship Class — larger vehicles including Slave One and the Razor Crest

Transport Class — including the Troop Transport

Starfighter Class — X-wing, Jedi Starfighter, TIE Bomber etc

Light Armor Class — TIE Fighter, AT-ST and other similar modes of transport

Scout Class — Speeder Bikes and other single person small transport vehicles

At the moment, I have no ideas what these are made of, but a look at their X-Wing suggests perhaps an injection molded plastic. The detailing don’t look as good as you’d find on the X-Wing games miniature, but I’ll wait for in hand photos before i make my final judgement.

It also looks like the Millennium Falcon has a removable top and perhaps some internal view is available. I wonder whether this is some kind of playability and that perhaps it comes with some figures, or figures are available?

I’m delighted that the OT Falcon is here, but I’d pick up a ST or Solo version too. I also like the box which allows for display without removing. Release date and price points are still to come, but i’ll definitely pick up two of the Millennium Falcon.

Thanks to Jedi News for the article and photos and be sure to check out their web site.

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Vintage lasergram post cards from Carte Postale

I picked up these vintage lasergram post cards from ebay. The cards have a silvery sort of hologram effect that’s very difficult to photograph. The seller dates them around 1994 from the French postal service.

ESB Asteroid Field
ROTJ Space Battle

I’d not seen them before and I’ve been struggling to find out anything about them.

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The Asteroid Field by Randy Martinez

Another original for sale is another scene from The Empire Strikes Back with The Asteroid Field. 11″ by 15″, which i think is a reasonable size. It too is hand drawn with Holbein acrylic ink on Bristol board. As with Millennium Falcon Escape, this original will be accompanied by a signed copy of the published card.

There’s a lot of action in this image and I love this perspective. I missed out on the Chris Trevas awesome print on Never Tell Me The Odds, so this will be a worthy addition to my collection.

Check out Randy Martinez website as there are a few originals available, although I will try and hoover up the Millennium Falcon ones for myself.

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Millennium Falcon Escape by Randy Martinez

This image by Randy Martinez was created for the 2013 Topps Star Wars Illustrated trading card set. This original, hand drawn and painted image (Holbein acrylic paint on Bristol board), is available on Randy’s store for $400.

I’ve always had a soft spot for the Bespin scenes and I really like it.

The original is 11″ by 15″ and comes with a signed copy of the published trading card. I suspect they’d look good framed together.

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Han Solo by Nick Holdsworth

Han Solo by Nick Holdsworth showed on my Instagram feed last week and I think there’s enough for me to include it in my collection. It’s currently available from Whitewall Galleries. So new, it’s still being framed..

The mosaic, pop art look of the portrait is quite unusual in my opinion. Each image is manipulated to include pixilation, which on this piece looks to be tiny images of Darth Vader.

Han Solo – Nick Holdsworth

Priced at £2950 and one of the galleries is near me, so I’ve made an appointment to go and see it. The image is an original on board and is quite large at 120 x 90 cms, plus whatever the frame adds.

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Hallmark Christmas Tree Onament

‘Tis the season, so I bought this Walmart Exclusive gold coloured Christmas Tree ornament. I have to admit that it’s actually a pretty nice ornament and were I not a collector, this would look great on the tree.

Probably about the same size as a Micro Machines Falcon, perhaps 4″ by 3″. The gold colouring is really nice and bright. The ribbon is attached to the triangle medallion on the back. Import tax and shipping to the UK doubled the price, though.

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Bay 327 by David Kennedy

I bought this print from David Kennedy after seeing it on his Facebook page. Bay 327 is another marvellous print featuring the Millennium Falcon and is available on his Cherry Sherrif web site.

Bay 327 by David Kennedy

I love the monochrome look with just a splash of colour in the cockpit.

Bay 327 is limited to an edition size of 100 pieces, it is a respectable 100 by 50 cms and each print is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. I was tempted to pick up one of his “Hunter’s Ride” prints to go with my beautifully embellished “Pirate Ship” print, but I have to stay in focus.

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