Star Wars Space Punch – Millennium Falcon can

I’m on furlough at the moment and with 80% pay and no overtime, I need to make my Earth monies last a little longer and cut back somewhat on my spending. I was fortunate enough to win this Millennium Falcon can of Star Wars Space Punch for only 99pence, plus shipping.

Part of a series of 20 character cans released in Europe, (with only 12 of the designs appear to have made it across to the US). They appear to have been sold some time between The Force Awakens and the Last Jedi and were originally sold for $2.99 each.

Food and drink items are pretty hard to come by, so I was delighted to find that the can was still full. I have read that it’s a fruit drink rather than an energy drink, but I doubt I’ll try it though.

You can get them from Amazon, too.

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“Falcon Over Crait” by Derek Payne

Falcon Over Crait by Derek Payne is currently available on the Dark Ink site and shows the Falcon speeding through the red crystal caves of Crait in the finale of The Last Jedi. It was a good scene and showed just how fast and manoeuvrable the Millennium Falcon is.

Falcon Over Crait by Derek Payne

$45 each, it’s 24” by 12” and limited to an edition size of 250 pieces. It’s a nice print and I love the colours, but I can’t help thinking they missed a trick by not releasing it as a glow in the dark print.

I will get it but to be honest, I’m just not sure how I feel about the sequel trilogy Falcon.

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“Docking Bay” by Pablo Olivera

Pablo Olivera, first came to my notice earlier in the year for his beautiful trio of Blade Runner prints showcasing the Tyrell pyramids. Alas, I was too late and wasn’t able to score a single print. Hugely disappointing, to say the least.

You can see why, can’t you. They are beautiful.

This time, the Bottleneck Gallery is showcasing Pablo’s Star Wars art. “Docking Bay”, which is his A New Hope print, fits right into my collection and depicts Han and Chewie in their firefight with imperial forces just before blasting off from Tatooine.

Docking Bay by Pablo Olivera

The prints are $50 each and are limited to a hand numbered edition of 375 prints. There is a beautiful foil variant which is $60 and limited to 150. (This one sold out in 20 minutes, so expect to see them for a high price on eBay.) both prints are a nice 36” by 12” in size and should display nicely.

Docking Bay Foil Variant by Pablo Olivera

I have one criticism. The boxes in the underside make it look like the Falcon from The Empire Strikes Back and shouldn’t be there. Pedantic, I know, but fortunately, it doesn’t detract from my enjoyment of the print.

To finish off the trilogy, Pablo also has “Battle of Hoth” for The Empire Strikes Back and “No Bargain” for Return of the Jedi.

Battle of Hoth by Pablo Olivera
No Bargain by Pablo Olivera

Both are available in either regular or foil variants. Again, the foil variants were sold out really quickly and I suspect the regular versions will be sold out long before the day is over.

I decided against getting the set and I think I’ll regret that. I should’ve also bought two of each. Pablo is a talented artist, to be sure and I’ll keep a close eye on his work in future.

Check out Pablo’s website for more examples of his work. I’m quite enamoured by his dramatic Bounty Hunters.

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“Imminent Danger” by Liné Tutwiler

This wonderful print by Liné Tutwiler of the Millennium Falcon approaching Bespin Cloud City is currently up on the ACME Archives site.

Imminent Danger – Liné Tutwiler

I’ve always adored the colours from the Bespin, so I will be very glad to add this to my collection. Available in paper or Canvas.

Paper edition:

– $125.00
– 95 piece hand-numbered edition
– measures 19″ x 13″ (paper size), 15″ x 11.5″ (image size)
– sku: SWANH1174P
– comes with certificate of authenticity

Canvas edition:

– $250.00
– 50 piece hand-numbered edition
– each print has the artist’s authorized signature
– measures 28″ x 21″
– sku: SWANH1174
– comes with certificate of authenticity

I’ll be picking up a canvas copy, i’m led to beleive that the print quality and colouring is better.

I have sent Liné a message on her website to see whether she will have any artist proof’s for sale. I’m assuming that the Original is in George Lucas’s collection.

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Tattooine by Phase_Runner

Acme Archives and Dark Ink have a beautiful set of prints by Phase_runner with each print depicting a planet and a ship approaching it. Dagobah, Tattooine and Mustafar are the first three and I hope that Phase_Runner continues the series.




The Falcon looks good.

Dagobah with Luke’s X-Wing Fighter



Mustafar with Darth Vader’s Tie Fighter



I’ve been really impressed with prints such as Mark Chilcott and Rich Davies in which the theme is minimal and it’s the background that is important. This is a new take on that theme. I must confess that I am surprised by the inclusion of Mustafar and that these weren’t released by Trilogy. Perhaps Endor would be too similar to Dagobah.

The prints are a decent 36″ by 12″ and limited to an edition size of 250. They are $45 each or you can buy the set for $125. I have regretted not buying complete sets in the past so I opted for the set on this one. I’d have to consider others, if they are released as well. (It’s the completist in me. 🙂 )


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Millennium Falcon Pin from Leen Customs

I thought i’d have a little look to see what’s on Ebay yesterday and stumbled across a pair of “Leen Customs” enamel pins of the Millennium Falcon and the Mandalorian’s Razor’s Edge. They were pretty expensive, but a little search of the internet showed that they were well priced, as Leen Customs pins are quite saught after.

Millennium Falcon

The original price for this was a very reasonable $10. A nice profile image, in my opinion. At 1.7″ by 1″, these pins are not large. I”m not sure of the edition sizes on these.


Razor’s Crest

Again, a $10 price. This one is slightly smaller at 1.5″ by 1″.

Razor's Crest

It was also available in a “Clan of 2” pinset with Mando and the Child for $25.


There is a Slave 1 pin as well, but it comes with another pint of Boba Fett and Jango Fett called “Hunters for Hire“.

All of these pins have long sold out. Leen Customs badges are mostly cars and they occasionally dabble in Star Wars. The pins are highly collectable and the after market prices are insane, with some of them as high as $400.


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Star Wars mats from Ruggable.

Ruggable have released a line of washable Star Wars floor mats. Rangeing in size from 2.5′ by 7′ ($109) all the way up to 8’by 10′ ($399), so there is a size for every collector. There are some nice designs, but there are only two that I would probably pick up.

The first is this “Rebellion” Rug.

Ruggable 1

A nice, minimalist image of the Falcon escorted by two X-Wing’s and an A-Wing. Simple, but effective.

The second rug that interests me is “Smugglers“. This one comes in either Grey, or R2-D2 Blue.

Personally, I’d go with the grey, but the blue is quite striking and I suppose it depends on the decor of your room, too. There are other rugs that also feature the Falcon, such as the Armada and the Ikat but they aren’t as nice, or as focused as the other two.

Thanks to Brian Heath for the spot.

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Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon Toy

I’ve been seeing photos of the Galaxy’s Edge Millennium Falcon toy. Essentially it’s the BMF but with new, Kenner inspired packaging, (which I really like).Millennium Falcon Smuggler RunThe inside looks the same and the escape shuttle is still included, but this version has several features that separate it from the original BMF:

  • Comes with 6 Porgs, Chewbacca and Hondo Ohnaka
  • A swappable radar dish (OT and ST)
  • Action sounds from both the OT and ST.

Galaxys Edge 2

Galaxys Edge 4

Galaxys Edge 3

Due for release in August 2020 and priced at $400. I have been waitlisted for it on Forbidden Planet here in the UK. Fingers crossed I can get one.

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Star Wars Prints by Devin Scheoffler

Up on a timed release this weekend is Devin Scheoffler’s prints of the Original Star Wars Trilogy. Based around various helmet’s from the Trilogy, each print features several key scenes from that movie. The minimalist titles are pretty cool, too.

I wasn’t going to get them at first as i didn’t think they featured the Falcon enough to warrent getting a set for my collection. I changed my mind Sunday though and bought them.

The Fourth (A New Hope)

Devin Schoeffler ANH

The Fifth (The Empire Strikes Back)

Devin Schoeffler ESB

I must confess that i would’ve had Boba Fett down for this one.

The Sixth (Return of the Jedi)

Devin Schoeffler ROTJ

This one is my favourite, I think.

The edition size will be determined on 06/07/20 at 21:00 PT. Each print is 16″ by 24″ so framing them will be simple. They’re $45 each.

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Star Wars Micropopz from Leclerc

These “Micropopz” were released in 2017 as an exclusive from the French supermarket chain Leclerc. It’s a small collection of 25 figures from the Star Wars movies. Each figure is about 1.5 inches and has small sucker on the bottom.


With no Luke, Han, Leia or Rey, it’s an strange set of figures, if you ask me. I do like the look of the force ghost figures,though.

Micropopz 1

The set comes neatly packaged inside a card Millennium Falcon case. I don’t parley Francais, but it looks like the figures are used in some sort of game on the inside flap of the case. I’ll be able to take a closer look when it arrives.

Micropopz 2

I have similar items in my collection, such as the “Rollinz” i got from Italy a few years ago.

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