Millennium Falcon from WorksbyAHurst.

Last weekend Jason Hurst announced on his Instagram page that he was going to auction off a prototype Millennium Falcon plaque. It’s made from cut steel on cherry wood and It’s a nice piece. After posting and falling in love with his awesome steel Millennium Falcon model last year I had to bid.

works by A Hurst 1

At 11″ by 20.5″, it’s quite a size. I bid high straight away and I must apologise to those that were also bidding, as I may have ruined the experience for them. That most certainly wasn’t my intention.

works by A Hurst 2
works by A Hurst 3

There are some rough edges to work out, such as the outline just above the cockpit, but Jason says that this is a prototype and he’s ironing out the kinks in his template. Still, a nice first daft in my opinion.

Shipping’s going to be expensive.

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Millennium Falcon by Joel Timpson

I really like this Millennium Falcon image by Australian artist Joel Timpson. It’s got style, a nice sense of colour and is pretty unique in execution. Not quite adult in tone, but not childish, either.il_fullxfull.1544265995_267dThe prints are £14 each plus shipping from Australia.They’re about 11.5 inches by 16.5 (A3). Check out his shop.



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Solo Pursuit by Chris Skinner

Still on the Dark Ink website still to purchase is Chris Skinner’s “Solo Pursuit” of the Millennium Falcon as she evades a Star Destroyer in the Maw from Solo.


It’s printed on mirror foil, so it’ll be interesting to see how this translates to the actual print.

Priced at $50 plus shipping and as with the other prints, it’s limited to an edition of 250 and is 18″ by 24″. It’ll be easy to find a frame for it.

I’ll pick this and Andy Fairhurst’s Solo Escape next month.


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Rich Davies “City In The Clouds”

Looking back through the Dark Ink Star Wars prints still available, I came across this “City In The Clouds” print by Rich Davies. The panoramic view afforded to us in the image is simply beautiful. I don’t know how I missed it.

I love the fact that the beautiful scenery is the main focus of Rich’s work within the Star Wars universe.

Bespin is my favourite part of the Empire Strikes Back. I love the colour, Han and Leia’s loves story comes to fruition and it has my favourite scene as well as the best music, (the crescendo as the Falcon takes off and escapes is arguably my favourite piece of John William’s score).

This print is $39 and limited to an edition size of 295 and is 27″ by 7.2″.

Also on the Dark Ink site is his Odyssey prints.

Day Break On Hoth


Tatooine Sunset


X-Wings at Twilight


Dogfight at Sunset (this one I bought as well.)


Forest Moon Duel


As with the Bespin print, the main focus of the images are the scenery and prints are all 27″ by 7.12″. I hope that Rich returns to the Star Wars universe and continues the series.

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“Outmanoeuvre Them” by Danny Haas

It’s been a slow few months as far as my Millennium Falcon collection goes, so I was delighted to see this print by Danny Haas released on ACME‘s Dark Ink site.

Called “Outmanoeuvre Them” it’s a delightful cockpit image of Falcon just before she evades some Star Destroyers in The Empire Strikes Back. It should display very well with my Juan Esteban Rodriguez Star Wars print.

They’re a very reasonable $40 each and the edition size is limited to 250. The print is a respectable 18″ by 24″ is size.

All we need now is a similarly themed Return of the Jedi print.

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Wu Tang Millennium Falcon Pin

I’m not a fan of rap music, but I can appreciate that this Wu Tang pin is a pretty unique mash up of the Millennium Falcon and the Wu Tang Clan’s symbol.


Very clever and cool, In my opinion. It’s available for $12.95 on the Slightly Burnt Out website. Unfortunately they don’t post to the UK.

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“Falcon over Endor” by E. R. Houghton

I am a sucker for a good Millennium Falcon cutaway, so when I saw this painting by E. R. Houghton on his Instagram page and thought that it was absolutely superb.


Called “Falcon over Endor”, it’s 84cms by 59cms (just under 34″ by 24″) and painted using acrylic. The original is on his fridge at the moment, although he is considering doing prints. Here are a couple of close up images showing his level of detail.



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