Jazzinc Navi Computer Diorama

I adore Jazzinc Dioramas and I think that they are my favourite brand at the moment, so any Millennium Falcon related items from them are an instabuy as far as I am concerned. I saw today that they’re releasing the Navigation Computer as a separate diorama to be displayed in smaller display cases, such as the Ikea Detolf, or Besta.

To be fair, I recently bought their cargo hold expansion, so I have this already, but It’s quite big and I’m not likely to be able to display it for a while. I bought this especially so that I can at least display it now.

I think at $399 plus shipping, it includes the nav computer, the chair and the rear wall, so it’s reasonably priced in my opinion.

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Millennium Falon by K-Stix

I saw these “K-Stix” Millennium Falcon popsicle stick model on their instagram site. I thought that they were nice, simple and something that would be enjoyable to make. At the time, the Millennium Falcon ones were out of stock.

Each model comes with everything you need, including pre-cut sticks, an instruction manual and some glue. All you need is some clamps. The models are a decent size at around 21cms by 15.5 cms.

New ones are added occasionally and I particulartly like their A-Wing, B-Wing and Y-Wing fighters.

Building popsicle stick models seems somewhat old fashioned to me and it makes me think of something that can be enjoyed as a father and son hobby. Quant, sweet and quite creative. I really like them and I’m hoping to pick up the Millennium Falcon model posted to the UK.

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Star Wars Make Up by Pat Magrath Labs

I thought that this licence is very interesting. Pat MaGrath Labs are releasing a range of Star Wars cosmetics on the 16/12/2022 with various Star Wars packaging.

They actuially look pretty cool and there are four pigments that have a really nice Millennium Falcon packaging. They’re priced £25 each or all four for £89. I intend to get “Falcon Noir” and perhaps “Smuggler’s Spice”. They’re definitely on the more unusual side of my collecting habit and I’ll check in again as the range expands to see if there will be further Falcon related make up.

Wow, sold out already and i have to settle for the Metallic Crimson.

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Unknown Montage Illustration

I’ve been following Heritage Auctions since they auctioned the Brian Sauriol Cutaway Millennium Falcon painting. They specialise in collectibles and I think they’re my best chance of finding some of the rarer and more unusual Millennium Falcon related items.

I’ve recently found myself looking back through their previously sold items, I can see a lot of story boards and such, but this illustration caught my eye and I think that it is a very nice painting.

I’ve never seen it before and I am very curious as to what the illustration was for, who the artist is, etc. It kind of reminds me of the awesome John Berkly artwork used for the Parker Brothers video game.

The HA site states that it is an original piece of art and gives the dimentions as 13″ by 18″ dates it at 1995. Its monogramed, but I don’t recognise it

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Millennium Falcon cockpit by Padawan Bear patches.

These Millennium Falcon cockpit patches from Padawan Bear Patches are based off the Kenner Millennium Falcon and are very nostalgic, IMO. They’re really nice and if you’re looking for a great little stocking filler, this could be it.

The patches are 3.5″ and only £5 each. I ordered two.

There’s also an enamel pin in the same style that I ordered. These are 1.5″ and have two posts on the back and are £11 each.

I really like them.

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Millennium Falcon doorway by Boba’s Hutt

Boba’s Hutt on Etsy has some lovely, small diorama settings scaled for the Hasbro Black series of Star Wars action figures. This one of the Millennium Falcon doorway is pretty cool and looks to be very well made.

It’s £45 and with Christmas just around the corner, I think it makes a great stocking filler.

I think that these are very nice ways to display your toys and there are other great dioramas from all Star Wars, but I especially like the AT-ST from Return of the Jedi. But then, I am biased toward the Original Trilogy.

I don’t have any of the Hasbro Black figures, but I’ll need to pick up and Han/Chewie paid after this.

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Millennium Falcon from The Koin Club

This “Hidden Secrets” Millennium Falcon coin is available from th Koin Club.

Made from iron and silver plated, the coins are 32mm and come in a themed presentation card that includes a small summary. The hidden secret is revealed by a small UV light which is provided. Quite good value at £15.

I quite like it, but a small complaint as i think that the card and the coin should match, shouldn’t they?

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Main Cargo Hold Crates from Jazzinc Dioramas

My Cargo Hold expansion set is now with me and noticed that Jazzinc also had a limited set of cargo hold crates available for sale. $60 for a pair of crates, which has been limited to a very small run of only 25.

I bought a setr and I think they’ll look great in the diorama. (If and when I can finally display them as the actual diorama is bloody huge.) 🙂

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Millennium Falcon Kids Play Tent

Shop Disney have this lovely Millennium Falcon Cockpit play tent on their US Site which I think is pretty adorable.

This is a nicely thought-out play area and I love the details such as the zippered door and the panels and control surfaces. Throw a few Star Wars toys in here and it should keep your child happy for ages.

Made from Polyester, it unfolds to an impressive 61″ by 44″ by 45″ and when you’ve finished with it, it comes with this nice bag for storage.

I think the $80 price for this is quite reasonable. At the moment, it’s only available on their US Store.

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Signed Millennium Falcon Photo

I thought that this 20″ by 16″ photo of the Millennium Falcon was a very interesting item indeed.

A small piece of Star Wars History, this photo of the filming miniature of the Millennium Falcon has been signed by 48 members of ILM. (Chris Anderson, Charlie Bailey, Craig Barron, David Beasley, Rob Blalack, Marty Brenneis, Ben Burtt, Colin Cantwell, Chris Casady, Don Dow, Loring Doyle, John Dykstra, Selwyn Eddy III, Richard Edlund, Harrison Ellenshaw, Jon Erland, Robert Finley III, Richard Fish, Mike Fulmer, Steve Gawley, Ray Gilberti, Bill Hargreaves, Paul Huston, Joe Johnston, Dave Jones, Neil Krepela, Peter Kuran, Mike MacKenzie, Jeff Mann, Scott Marshall, Mike McAlister, Pat McClung, Dennis Muren, Bruce Nicholson, Frank Ordaz, Ease Owyeung, Lorne Peterson, Ken Ralston, David Scott, Jonathan Seay, Jamie Shourt, William Shourt, Doug Smith, Randy Thom, Donna Tracy, Byron Werner, Jody Westheimer and Sam Zolltheis.)

One of only 30 that were made, this one has never been displayed and should be in perfect condition. On sale at eBay by Verisigned. It has been authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services (BAS). I’m not sure how old it is, but I estimate it to be around the time of the Empire Strikes Back. It is available for a buy it now price of $8665, which is far too rich for my purse, but if I could afford it, I’d get it in a heartbeat. It’s a great item in my opinion.

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