Lando’s Millennium Falcon from the Build A Bear Workshop.

I can’t say that I’ve ever considered the Build A Bear workshops to expand my Millennium Falcon collection, but here you go. They too have released a small, stuffed version of Lando’s Millennium Falcon as seen in Solo that you can put one of your toys inside.


It was only £24, so I thought that I’d get one as it definitely comes under the unusual. I really home they release a regular version later.

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Black Series Han Solo “Exogorth Escape” figures

It is time for SDCC once more and Hasbro will be selling this exclusive Han Solo “Exogorth Escape” figurine from their 6″ Black line of action figures. Ordinarily, I wouldn’t be particularly interested in a Han Solo figure, but this set comes in a rather handsome Millennium Falcon box. empirestrikesback-sdcc2018-hansolo-768x516

Another nice touch for me is that the box slides open in the middle to reveal a small display of Han at the bottom of the Millennium Falcon ramp. empirestrikesback-sdcc2018-hansolo-package-768x299

The set comes with a Mynock and will be available in limited quantities for $34.99.hasbro-2018-sdcc-1-tn

The box art is very well done in my opinion. I wonder who the artist is? As his is an SDCC exclusive, my best chance is either eBay or see if someone from the Rebelscum Forums will to pick one up for me.

Nice though, isn’t it?

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Lando’s Millennium Falcon by Bandai

Bandai is another of those Brands whose products from Solo that I will add to my collection without a second thought. Their models are superb and this 1:144 version of Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon is no exception.


Approximately 15cms long, the escape pod can be displayed separately on it’s own stand.

The model also has lighting for the engines and comes with seated figures of  Han, Chewie and Lando which can be displayed in the cockpit or the lounge area. It’s a shame that L3-37 isn’t included as well.

There are also two laser effects as well.

Bandai 13

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Star Wars Millennium Falcon Paper Theatre by Ensky

So, I was looking through HobbyLink Japan so see what’s new new from the Far East. This Star Wars “Paper Theatre” cutaway model of the Millennium Falcon by a company called Ensky. I have to say, I think that this is awesome.


It looks like it’s based on the DK Cutaway by Kent Remillard. Made from wood, paper and PET, it is 15.4 cms wide, 10 cms tall and 4.2 cms deep. Priced at JPY3, 000 (approximately $30) and is pretty great value for money. 


Unfortunately, HLJ aren’t taken preorders for it, but you can see that it’s due for release on the 30th June, so not too long to wait.

You can also pick up an R2-D2 kit in the same style.


As usual, I am disappointed that it is the Falcon as we see her in the Sequel Trilogy so I do hope that a version of the original trilogy is released at a later time. 



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Lando’s Millennium Falcon from Fantasy Flight Games

I decided some time ago that I wouldn’t collect the Solo version of the Millennium Falcon, unless it was something that was unique, awesome or made by certain brands. Fantasy Flight Games is one of those brands. They have just announced a Lando’s Millennium Falcon expansion for their X-Wing table top game.


swz04_box_leftAs you’d expect, the details on a relatively small scale ship are excellent for the prices, which is a mere USD$39.99. The ship itself will probably be about 5 inches long. Oh, and the escape craft is fully detachable and playable as a separate craft in the game. A nice touch on such a small model.

swz04_a1_spreadI think I only need them to release a version for the Stellar Envoy and that is the set.

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Craig Drake “Falcon” portfolio Metal print.

At Craig Drake’s Solo Show in 2014 attendees were able to get these small metal prints of various pieces of art that were showcased at the event. The total run was 250 pieces. I wouldn’t be able to tell you how many of that 250 limit were of the Falcon. I managed to score this one (number 48 of 250) from Geecue on ebay.


It is stunning. At 6″ by 9″, it’s a good size and the image is just as sharp as you’d expect. The print is numbered on the back and came with a nice, signed sheet.

CD Falcon Print 2

The smaller print doesn’t have the blue engine glow that the larger prints have. I’m quite pleased about that as it does give some differentiation between them.

It came in a lovely matt black portfolio box which is really professional. As you can see, I got a bit careless and left my grubby hand prints all over it.


I was so pleased with it, I went back and bought one of the paper versions. 🙂

Check out his shop as there are quite a few very nice and hard to find pieces for sale there.

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Millennium Falcon painting by Chris Cargill

Now for something a little more traditional. 🙂

This painting of the Millennium Falcon approaching the Death Star by Chris Cargill was on Ebay and i am pleased to say that i won the auction for $50. (Although shipping and tax was nearly as much again.)


It’s 18″ by 24″ and is acrylic on canvas.

I have two of his paintings at home (here and here) and i really do like them. Check out his ebay store.

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