Desk Tidy by Regal Robot

Now that this years Star Wars Celebrations event is getting closer, new products and releases are getting announced. On 11 April 2019, Regal Robot are releasing this rather nifty, (if a little unusual) Space Slug desk organiser.

It comes with a cool resin  Millennium Falcon pencil topper.


Priced at $99 with $12.50 shipping, it is only available in the US. Cast in resin, it’s 7″ wide, 5″ deep and 5.25″ tall. Despite its unusual nature, it looks like a well made and well painted collectible.


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San Francisco Giants Bobblehead

Last September, the San Francisco Giants had a Star Wars day and fans who attended were able to buy several pieces of related Star Wars merchandise, including this bobblehead of the Millennium Falcon over the stadium.


I’d seen these on Ebay for a while and they were being sold for around $100 or higher. At the time, I thought they were pretty expensive, but I decided to take the plunge anyway. I’m not sure whether it was the “limited edition” tag that got me but I figured it’s be a unique item to add to my collection. Especially in the UK where Baseball isn’t a thing at all.

I must confess that I thought it’d be a little thing, but it’s about 7 or 8 inches in length. I’m not sure what it’s made from but it is pretty heavy. Perhaps some sort of resin.


Limited to a edition size of 408 pieces and mine is number 70. I’ve been looking at the Stadium Giveaway Exchange and there are actually quite a few Millennium Falcon related items to collect and I was pleased to see that later this year, you can get a similar bobble of the Millennium Falcon flying over the Fenway Park stadium when the Red Sox go against the Detroit Tigers on April 25th.


I will definitely attempt to pick one of these up too.

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High Relief coin from the NZ Mint

The New Zealand Mint announced that they are releasing this ultra high relief coin of the Millennium Falcon as we see her in the sequel trilogy.

NZ Mint

Limited to a run of 5, 000 2oz coins, they’re priced at $175 each. Each coin comes with a certificate of authenticity and nice box designed to display your coin.

I have one of their 1oz Millennium Falcon Ship coins and they are pretty nice.


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“Death Star Escape” by Dave Seeley

Art is probably the largest and most satisfying part of my collection. It’s mostly art prints as original paintings are hard to come by. An original piece of art still available on Dave Seeley‘s website is this wonderful painting showing the Millennium Falcon fleeing the Death Star with three Tie Fighters in hot pursuit. Titled “Death Star Escape”, it is oil on canvas on board.

Death Star Escape 1

As with his other paintings, the attention to detail is superb. Even the Tie Fighters are sharp and crisp and I love that you can make out figures in the Falcon’s cockpit.

Death Star Escape 4Death Star Escape 8Death Star Escape 6Death Star Escape 5

The Silver frame sets the painting off perfectly in my opinion.

Death Star Escape 9

At an image size of 30″ by 43.75″ (37″ by 50.75″ in it’s Larsen Juhl silver hardwood frame), it really is a very striking painting that is sure to impress.

Dave has signed the painting too. Always nice.

Death Star Escape 7

Dave has created quite a few images for Lucas books, including book covers, so it’s pretty exciting to be able to acquire a painting from a published artist as most originals end up in George Lucas’s private collection. He was going to sell this at this years San Diego Comic Con.

I think it’s a beautiful painting, but its a lot of money for me to pay out in one go. I’ve asked about the possibility of paying in instalments, which I am very pleased to say that he has agreed to. I’m pretty nervous, as I’ve never tried to spend this much money before. My last instalment is in September and I still need to ship it to the UK.

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“Millennium Falcon Approach” by Dave Seeley

Dave Seeley has illustrated for Lucas Books and created many book covers and has quite a lot of Star Wars work in his portfolio. Yesterday I stumbled across this beautiful original painting of the Millennium Falcon on his web site. With the exception of Michael Grimaldi’s beautiful “Millennium Falcon at the Battle of Yavin“, I think this may be the best painting of the Falcon that I have yet seen.


The close up shots below indicate the fine level of detailing involved in his work. I wonder how many hours something like this takes to paint?

Millennium Falcon Approach 1

The painting is framed in Larson Juhl and is quite striking in my opinion.

Millennium Falcon Approach 2

I love the inclusion of the battle scarring. I wonder what references John used.

Millennium Falcon Approach 3

Millennium Falcon Approach 4

Millennium Falcon Approach 5

Stunning, isn’t it? The painting looks to be oil on canvas and is 23.25″ by 31″ (30.25″ by 38″ in the frame). It sold for $4,900, which is really reasonable for an original piece of art this size.

As is the case with many original pieces of Star Wars art, this was sold to George Lucas for his personal collection.

Check out more of Dave’s work on Artstation and Instagram.

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Disney Pins by Patrice Girod

Disneyland Paris released a series for four Millennium Falcon pins this January. The pins have been signed by Patrice Girod and are limited to an edition size of 500 of each.

Patrice Girod

Priced at 16.99 Euros each and the larger pinis 49.99 Euros. Expect to pay high prices on eBay for a set.

They’re pretty cool and I definitely want them added to my collection.

I like that the pins come from different era’s within the Star Wars movies.

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Reunion of Scoundrels by Chris Trevas

Chris Trevas has created countless art pieces that feature the Millennium Falcon. From wonderful prints such as Never Tell Me The Odds, to his technical work on the 3d owners guide, Star Wars Blueprints or the Haynes Manual. His work is top notch and he has a fine knowledge of the Millennium Falcon, inside and out. His submission for Celebration 2019 is “Reunion of Scoundrels”. A stunning print of Han and Lando reminiscing on old times in the main hold while an Ugnaught works on her repairs. trevas_chicago2019_webThis one continues in a similar fashion to two previous prints (both of which I am unable to get as I can’t attend the Celebrations events), “The Folly Of TK421” and “His Vision Returns”. C7_textonly_layout511a6259-cef8-4ccd-839f-2c0f4537ee41As with the other prints at the event, this will be limited to an edition size of 250 and is only for collection at the event itself. Priced at a very reasonable $75, the prints are 24″ by 18″. Well worth it in my opinion.

You can order them from the Dark Ink Store, but be warned, these are for collection only.

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