Planet of the Dinosaurs Poster by Tino Aller

I thought that this poster was an interesting thing.

In the wake of the success of Star Wars, many studios took advantage and released movies to capitalise on the Sci Fi boom it created. Not all of them directly. This Lebanese poster of “Planet of the Dinosaurs” by Tino Aller shamelessly infringes on the copyright and clearly has X-Wings, Y-Wings and the Millennium Falcon.


The premise of this movie is simple. It is the far future, the reactor on a spaceship goes critical and the crew evacuate to the nearest planet with a breathable atmosphere. Unfortunately, the planet is inhabited by dinosaurs. The movie cost $1 million and most of the budget went on the effects. It sank without much fanfare, but the DVD release gave it something of a cult following. Check out this review on The Dusty Reel.

I’m not interested in the movie, but I’d like to add the poster to my collection at some point. As you can appreciate, a 1977 poster is hard to come by. 🙂

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Millennium Falcon by GeekiTikis

I’ve seen the Star Wars Tiki mugs by Geeki Tikis for a while now. They’re a rather cute and fun collectible line of character mugs done in a distinct Tiki style. At this year’s Celebrations, you can pick up one of these Millennium Falcon bowls.


The Han and Chewie Tiki muglets complete and the set is priced at $100.

Overall, I think it’s pretty well done and will try and pick one up after the Celebrations event as they’re collection only.

Thanks to Mighty Jabba for the heads up.

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Luke Feels The Force by Claudio Aboy.

ACME Archives Direct have also released this print by Claudio Aboy called “Luke Feels The Force” showing the scene in A New Hope where Luke is being trained by Ben in the Millennium Falcon while the rest of the crew look on.

Luke Feels the Force - Aboy

I like this one. It’s colourful and should display nicely with other prints located in the Millennium Falcon’s hold. This is also priced at $40, it’s 24″ by 15″ and is limited to 395 pieces.

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Star Wars Duct Tape

This is a rather weird and wonderful item for any collection. Corellian Engineering duct tape is listed on the Star Wars website and will be available exclusively at this years Celebrations in Chicago.


It’s totally bonkers, but I think rather fitting considering that our favourite “hunk of junk” would need so much duct tape to keep her flying. Its a novelty collectible, for sure.

It’s $15 a roll and I really want to get one for my collection. 🙂

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Smiles, Lies and Blasters by Brent Woodside

ACME Archives Direct have just released this Lithograph print by Brent Woodside called “Smiles, Lies and Blasters“. Smiles Lies and Blasters by WoodsideFeaturing Han Solo and Chewbacca from A New Hope, it’s  35″ by 12″ and limited to and edition size of 250 pieces. They’re $40 each.

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Desk Tidy by Regal Robot

Now that this years Star Wars Celebrations event is getting closer, new products and releases are getting announced. On 11 April 2019, Regal Robot are releasing this rather nifty, (if a little unusual) Space Slug desk organiser.

It comes with a cool resin  Millennium Falcon pencil topper.


Priced at $99 with $12.50 shipping, it is only available in the US. Cast in resin, it’s 7″ wide, 5″ deep and 5.25″ tall. Despite its unusual nature, it looks like a well made and well painted collectible.


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San Francisco Giants Bobblehead

Last September, the San Francisco Giants had a Star Wars day and fans who attended were able to buy several pieces of related Star Wars merchandise, including this bobblehead of the Millennium Falcon over the stadium.


I’d seen these on Ebay for a while and they were being sold for around $100 or higher. At the time, I thought they were pretty expensive, but I decided to take the plunge anyway. I’m not sure whether it was the “limited edition” tag that got me but I figured it’s be a unique item to add to my collection. Especially in the UK where Baseball isn’t a thing at all.

I must confess that I thought it’d be a little thing, but it’s about 7 or 8 inches in length. I’m not sure what it’s made from but it is pretty heavy. Perhaps some sort of resin.


Limited to a edition size of 408 pieces and mine is number 70. I’ve been looking at the Stadium Giveaway Exchange and there are actually quite a few Millennium Falcon related items to collect and I was pleased to see that later this year, you can get a similar bobble of the Millennium Falcon flying over the Fenway Park stadium when the Red Sox go against the Detroit Tigers on April 25th.


I will definitely attempt to pick one of these up too.

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