Citibank Plush Toy

These Millennium Falcon and Imperial Guard plush were given away by Citibank last year.

I bought mine from ebay from a guy in Singapore.

It’s actually quite nice, maybe 10″ long by 8″ wide. The detail is only on the top of the Falcon only and it’s disappointing to see that the sides and undersides are just plain grey.

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Spanish Stamps from Solo: A Star Wars Story

I recently bought this Spanish souvenir stamp from Solo: A Star Wars Story.


It comes on a lenticular post card which alternates between the two images. Printed on good quality card, It’s pretty sturdy and was only €5 plus postage. Well worth it.


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SMT Millennium Falcon Garage Kit

The recent release of Bandai’s Perfect Grade Millennium Falcon has made me look a little closer at the modelling aspect of the hobby. I just didn’t realise that there were so many versions of the Falcon. This Scale Model Technologies (SMT) model kit was produced by Alfred Wong nearly 20 years ago, but a Cease and Desist order from Lucasfilm’s legal team shut down production really quickly. As a result, this is a VERY rare and sought after kit. s-l1600It’s scaled at 1:48 and is approximately 28 inches long by 20 inches wide and while it’s not as accurate as the Fine Molds kit, it is said that Alfred’s intention was to really capture the spirit of the Falcon with this model. I’ve posted some photos of the parts that I’ve been able to find.

I’m not a modeller by any stretch of the imagination, but you can see that it looks like an intensive build best left to the experienced and professional  modellers out there. Still, I’d love to track one down for my collection. There aren’t any on eBay at the moment, but a quick trawl through the prices of older sales, I’d expect to pay between $500 and $800 for this kit.

I’ve also added a large PDF of the instruction that I found on the SMT website.


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Falcon Sunset by Christopher Clark

Falcon Sunset by Christopher Clark is available now on the ACME Archives website. At $245 for a 20″ by 16″ canvas, it’s one of their best priced prints.

Christopher Clarke Falcon Sunset

It’s a nice painting in my opinion. I love the light of the Tatooine sun and the brush strokes. The canvas is limited to an edition size of 95 prints. It is also available in paper for $125.

I will pick this up in a month, or two.

The original is Oil on board and is in George Lucas’s personal collection.


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“Meet Your Destiny” by Matt Ferguson.

These Star Wars prints by Matt Ferguson are on a timed release until Friday 29th June from the Bottleneck Gallery. They’re each a kind of a collage of characters, technology and scenes that made each movie great.

The Droid You’re Looking For” (A New Hope.)


Meet Your Destiny” (The Empire Strikes Back)


Of course, this one is my favourite and I ordered it immediately. 🙂

Galaxies Collide” (Return of The Jedi)


It’s a great set, in my opinion. Each print is 18″ by 24″ and priced at $50 each or $135 for the set. I initially ordered the Empire Strikes Back print on it’s own, but thought that the A New Hope print has enough Falcon cues to warrant getting the set.

As it’s on a timed release, the edition size won’t be determined until the time has expired and the orders are counted.

The final edition size ended up being 980.

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“Solo Escape” By Andy Fairhurst

Also available from Dark Ink, but only for collection is Andy Fairhurst‘s companion to his “Nerds Eye View” series of prints from 2015 is “Solo Escape”.


Based on Han’s evasion of the Imperial Blockade in the Millennium Falcon at Kessel. It is a nice piece and I’ll have to try and get one as I have the previous version.

This one is $40 and is a little more available as a 250 piece edition size. The print itself is 12″ by 24″.

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“Darkness Shines” by Steve Thomas.

It’s that time of year when us SF fans and collectors start thinking about San Diego Comic Con. God, I love and hate SDCC. Sure, I love being able to attend the con vicariously through the eyes others, like some kind of fanboy voyeur, but I also hate seeing all the new collectibles that I want and need to add to my collection.

The latest is this beautiful chrome style print by Steve Thomas.


Simply called “Darkness Shines”, I love chrome look and the way it seems to celebrate the The Empire Strikes Back, (the darkest and arguably the best of the Original Trilogy.)

Available to buy from the Dark Ink website. But there’s a catch a you can only collect them in person from their stand, (#5629). They’re $65 each and limited to a 95 piece edition size. The prints themselves are 24″ by 36″.

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