Millennium Falcon Cross Section by Alternape

I have always had a soft spot for cutaway art of the Millennium Falcon, so i was really pleased to stumble across this wonderful Laser Cut wooden Cross Section by Alternape on Etsy.

Alternape 1

The artist is based in Kuala Lumpa, Malaysia and the artwork is made using 8 layers of laser etched plywood to create a 3d effect cutaway cross section. At £511.05, (about $700), it sounds expensive but you can see that there is a hell of a lot of work that he been poured into this artwork.

The artist has also stated that this work will be limited to an edition size of only 10 and of these and each piece will be individually numbered.

Alternape 2Alternape 7Alternape 8

Dimensions are 61cm tall by 90cms wide and it comes complete and ready to hang in a wooden frame.

If i could give it one criticism, the Cross section “pathway” at the bottom should run through the centre gun bay and the Starboard side of the Falcon to the cockpit. Small moan aside, I think it is a wonderful piece.

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Han Solo Stein from the Bradford Exchange

The Bradford Exchange in the UK has a Star Wars licence and one of the items that they are selling is this triple fired porcelain Han Solo Stein. I just had to order one, just to see it. Personally, I think it’s a little tacky, but very unusual and a definite conversation starter. Well worth getting in my opinion. 🙂

Bradford Exchange Stein 1

The front has a full colour art showcasing Han Solo and the Falcon and there are a few other features to make it ideal for my collection, including a metal lid of the Millennium Falcon, (which I assume is pewter), a nice handle of the engine vents and the ring just above the base is the outer edge of the Falcon. There is a lot of attention to detail in this that I really like.

The stein is just 24 cms tall and will hold a litre. The price is £129.95 plus shipping but you can choose to pay over five instalments of £25.99, if you wish.

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Pewter Millennium Falcon by Royal Selangor

Last year, Royal Selengor announced a limited edition, gold plated pewter Millennium Falcon figurine. It was a really nice surprise for me as it came completely out of the blue, but at £800, it was a little pricey. In the end i couldn’t resist ordering one. When it arrived i was delighted to find that it was a really nicely crafted collectible, but at a limited edition of only 200 pieces worldwide, i know that i’m never going to display it, so  I ordered the regular version. At £499, it’s not cheap but i really rate it.

First of all, they are really responsive. I received mine 5 days after ordering it. As you’d expect, it comes in an outer shipper, but the internal box is the usual Star Wars black with an outer sleeve. The Falcon and stand are protected by a foam layer for each, so damage shouldn’t be an issue.

The Falcon herself is about 7 inches by 5 inches and is richly detailed. It is by far the best of the pewter versions that i have. What i particularly like is the fact that it has retractable landing gear.


The landing gear is retracted by pushing the display stand into the slot in the engine bay. A very nice touch, in my opinion. I wonder how it’s done?


You can see the rich level of detail in the photos below. £500 may seem a little expensive, but the Franklin Mint Falcon (which was released in the late nineties) was £195 at the time. I think it’s pretty reasonable.

9/10 from me. It really is a lovely addition to my collection.

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Cufflinks from Clinton Cards

I picked up these rather nice (if a little gaudy) pair of metal rainbow effect cufflinks from Clinton’s Cards yesterday.


They’re about 1.5 cms long and only cost £10.

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Dejarik Monster collection from X Plus. Kintan Strider

The second of X Plus’s Dejarik Monster Collection is the Kintan Strider.

At only 12 cms tall, it’s significantly shorter then the Mantellian Savrip. The retail price for this is $77 and you can preorder from HobbyLink Japan.

I hope that’s X Plus release a suitably sized Dejarik table to showcase these figures on. That might sway me a little into getting the set.

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Dejarik Monster collection from X Plus. Mantellian Savrip

Some time ago X Plus announced that they will be releasing figurines from the Dejarik holochess set as seen in Star Wars. They’re in the same scale as the original models used in filming the scene and are made from vinyl plastic. X Plus plan to release two models each month, with the first two being released in April. There are eight figurines in total.

The First of the initial pair is the Mantellian Savrip. A good choice really, as this is the one we really saw in the movie.

Its 21 cms tall and retails for approximately $120 Plus shipping. I have to say that I think that they’re pretty good figurines. I think that they’re nice looking figurines. The detail and colour seems great, but I’m not sure that I’m going to collect them.

Due to ship on May 31st, you can order it here from HobbyLink Japan.

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EFX Millennium Falcon

After what can only be described as “a really long wait”, my precision cast Millennium Falcon from EFX arrived last month. It’s been sat in my front room since and I’ve just taken the opportunity to open it this morning. Firstly, the model came double boxed and weathered the battering that postal service can sometimes give these parcels.

Opening the box, I was nicely surprised with a large black cardboard sheet with a photo of the model. A pleasant reminder of the old days of Master Replicas.


Beneath a polystyrene sheet was the base, inscribed with the Star Wars logo. Unfortunately, mine had a black residue between the aluminium and the acrylic. I’m assuming that I can simply unscrew the four EFX screws, remove the acrylic cover and just clean the mark away. I emailed the EFX customer helpline and am awaiting a response.

I ws delighted to see that EFX chose to make the lighting option battery powered, rather than using a mains socket. A simple choice that removes a lot of hassle for international customers.


Underneath the base is the certificate of authenticity. Lift out that section of the packaging to expose the model itself.


I wasn’t sure what to expect as I’d read a lot of negativity online. I am pleased to say that I’m delighted with it. There is criticism that the bit between the mandibles don’t fit properly, which my model also had but It’s easily ignored. The detail was pretty good, too. Much better than the Code 3 model that it set out to replace and I noticed that it was a little bigger as well. Another surprise.


The dish is separate and is magnetised. I was disappointed that It’s just made of plastic, but I suppose that’s to stop scratching. I also think the dish looks a bit too small, for some reason. Unlike the Code 3 version, there are no moving parts and even the quad guns are fixed.

I was under the impression that these Precision Cast models were not going to be limited, but the EFX website says that they have sold out. I wonder what the final edition size was? Overall, I paid quite a lot for this. $600 to EFX, $200 for shipping and an additional £102 for Tax back in the UK. Still, I would get it again and I think that this is a great version of the Millennium Falcon.


  • The mandible issue can’t be ignored, but it’s not a major deal IMO.
  • Can be a little expensive, especially for international customers.


  • Battery powered lighting.
  • Great size, ideal for display.
  • Nicely detailed model, with a pretty decent (if a little dark), paint application.

I also bought this rather nice display case from Widdowson in the UK.


It’s just a little bigger than a detolf, but it can easily go on the top with minimal overhang.

There’s a nice level of attention to detail on this. The base is cut to receive the round EFX base and there is a gap at the back for the lighting switch.


The base comes in either black or white and was £110 plus shipping. Service was excellent and I received mine the following day.)



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