Millennium Falcon Dangler

Idly browsing through eBay i came across this dangler. I have seen these before and have been tempted. Again, it looks like another Micro Machines Falcon put to another use. I bought it because it was cheap at about $4, but as with most items at this sort of scale, i’m not expecting too much from it.

08/01/11: I picked this up today and it’s not that bad. OK, the detail’s not great, but what do you expect for $3.50. It’ll definately look better on the window than it does in the box though. 🙂

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Another Lego Millennium Falcon (7965)

News has just surfaced on the Rebelscum web page that Lego are planning to release yet another Millennium Falcon kit in the Summer of 2011. (Model number 7965). I’ll be getting one of these for sure, but i wonder what’s going to be so different about this one? I’ll post more when i hear more.

Looking forward to getting more information about size and cost.

Apparently, these will be sold at the $140 price point which is very expensive in my opinion. Still, i missed out on all the other major Lego falcon releases so i think i’ll be getting one anyway.

Eurobricks have posted a very good review of this set here. Thanks to BtoTheg for the heads up. 🙂

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Photography by Cedric Delsaux

One of the guys posted this link to Cedric Delsaux. He’s a french photographer who used Star Wars in his imagery of the French Citiscapes. Pretty cool it thought. I’m hoping that there will be some prints at a later date as some of them relate to the Falcon.

Here’s the link if anyone’s interested in checking them out.

06/12/10: I sent an email on Sunday asking how much these would be and got my answer this morning. They’re all limited to six pieces each and are for sale at $2800 to $4000n each. Crumbs. I don’t like them that much.

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Han Solo Medallions

Ha, my Christmas has come early. Mighty Jabba sent me this Han Solo Medallion which features the Millennium Falcon. (Sorry about the poor photograpy.) Anyway, you can see the Falcon on the bottom.

The medallions come with some ink and a sponge that you use to highlight. Here’s the link to Jabba’s medallion.

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A bootleg Falcon from China.

Over at the Rebelscum Foruma, Master_M_M posted a picture of a series of Bootleg toys that are out and about in China. Hopefully, he’s going to send me a spare Falcon one for my collection.

It’s not a particularly nice version, but it’s definately a Millennium Falcon copy. (It looks like Slave 1, the Star Destroyer and the Rebel Snowspeeder are the others.)

11/12/10: This came this morning and it’s not too bad.

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Figurines by Ingrid

Mighty Jabba posted about a handmade Jabba cushion that he had made by “Figurines by Ingrid” on etsy. (

It’s pretty nice in my opinion and it’s a little different so i asked her if she’d be up for doing one based on the Millennium Falcon. It’s going to be approximately 18 inches and costs $40 which i think is pretty reasonable. It won’t be finished until the end of December, but that’s fine with me. She’s knocked up a quick drawing for me.

04/01/11: Ingrid has sent me a progress photo and i have to say that i am very much impressed. It should be ready for about the tenth of this month. 🙂

11/01/11: Well, they’ve been done and i have to say that judging from the photos that she’s sent, i am hugely impressed and really can’t wait to get these.

Here’s the link if anyone fancies getting something made by her. It can be anything, she really is that good.

Anyway, here are the pictures of the final item.

29/01/11: Well she arrived this morning and i have to say that i love it. INgrid has clearly put in a heck of a lot of work on this and she’s a pretty good size too. Here’s a couple of in hand pics.

She’s even included some detailing on the underside too. 🙂

I can’t recommend her enough. If there are any other focus collectors or anyone wanting to get a bespoke plushie for a partner’s hobby, check Ingrid out. It would appear that she can make anything. 🙂

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Tsuneo Sanda Print

My first exposure to Tsuneo Tsanda was about 4 years ago. I saw a picture he did that included every SW Character and Spaceship. (Perhaps someone can help me out with a Picture?) This guy is very talented indeed.

I seem to be on a huge Art kick at the moment. I saw this on ebay and it really fits in with my collection focus quite nicely in my opinion. There are some others that he’s done that could easily be included in this collection focus. I’ll try to post some pictures later. Unfortunately, i didn’t win this.

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Fridge Magnets

Another Etsy purchase. This time it’s a fridge magnet. So far, so average. Theres not really much to say on this really, It looks like a good solid image though.

04/12/10: These came today and they’re not actually that bad. As i said, a good image.

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The Brothers Hilderbrandt

Ii think that i’ve seen this in a Brothers Hilderbrandt book i bought some time ago on their Star Wars Art, but i never really noticed them until i saw a print on Mike Demaine’s docking Bay 94. (Check out his incredible Millennium Falcon collection here:

Naturally, these aren’t available anymore, but they do appear to be quite nice artwork pieces. (It looks as though they’ve used the old Kenner Toys as their inspiration for though.)

I’ll keep checking on bay to see what comes up. Naturally, if anyone sees one going, let me know. 🙂

The Spiderweb Art website say that they’ve three in stock.

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Disney’s Star Tours Pack

Again, funds are pretty tight this month and i’ve overextended myself somewhat. I saw this pack on ebay for $5 and thought why not? I have no intention whatsoever of heading out to any of the Theme parks ebay appears to be my best bet on getting this type of collectible. The Falcon doesn’t look very good, but we shall wait and see.

04/12/10: This came yesterday. It’s about an inch long an fairly detailed for it’s size, but the cockpit is really badly done.

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