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Star Wars pristmatic stickers

I came across these vintage prismatic stickers yesterday and had to get them. Unfortunately, the Falcon’s been somewhat obscured by a massive sticker. I’ll post a proper picture when i get it.

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Star Wars temporary tattos for kids.

I posted about some very nice (and no doubt painful) tattoos here. I came across these rather sweet vintage tattoos while browsing through the internet.

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1977 Han and Chewie poster

I came across this great looking vintage poster while trying to find the Andy Helms posters on ebay. It only had an hour to go, so I thought I’d put in a cheeky bid. It is mainly Han and Chewie, but the … Continue reading

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Millennium Falcon Stencils from Japan

One of the things i so love about focus collecting is the discovery of new, interesting and weird items. Mike forwarded me a link to a guy on ebay who is selling Japanese vintage stencils of the Millennium Falcon from the … Continue reading

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A colourful vintage sticker

A few months ago i came across a rather colourful and somewhat naive vintage sticker on ebay. It’d been torn out of a book so it wasn’t in that good a condition. As is very often the way, the auction … Continue reading

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1978 ADPAC punch out Falcon

I just bought this unusual vintage item on ebay. This ADPAC punch out Falcon cardboard model was given away inside boxes of Lucky Charms cereals in 1978. I’d imagine that this would have been in the USA only as i don’t recall … Continue reading

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Star Wars Letraset “Action Transfers”

As a child of the 70’s i remember that Letraset transfer scenes where always pretty cool and i very much enjoyed them as a child. After looking through Mighty Jabba’ s post on the US Presto Majix transfers, i thought … Continue reading

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