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Pewter Millennium Falcon by Royal Selangor

Last year, Royal Selengor announced a limited edition, gold plated pewter Millennium Falcon figurine. It was a really nice surprise for me as it came completely out of the blue, but at £800, it was a little pricey. In the … Continue reading

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Tsukuda Millennium Falcon and Slave 1 kit

I recently saw this 1982 Japanese Tsukuda model on Ebay and am pleased to report that i won it. I will admit to paying quite a lot for it, but it’s in great shape and i fancy this to be … Continue reading

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Millennium Falcon 16gb flash drive by Royal Selangor Pewter

Malaysian Pewter makers Royal Selangar have recently announced a line in Star Wars pewter objects. Part of this collection is a Millennium Falcon 16gb flash drive. The price will be £69, which is pretty expensive when you consider that the … Continue reading

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Pewter Millennium Falcon by Donald James

I picked up this rather nice pewter Millennium Falcon from Donald James‘ Etsy shop for $25. The hole on the underside makes me wonder if this is actually cast from a Micro Machine. No matter, it’s a nice piece and … Continue reading

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Rawcliffe Pewter Key Chain

I have both the large and small versions of the Rawcliffe pewter Millennium Falcon ship and i have to say that although they’re pretty expensive for what they are, but is do think that they’re quite detailed for their size. … Continue reading

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Franklin Mint’s Gold Falcon

I have the Franklin Mint’s pewter Millennium Falcon and i didn’t find out about the gold one until i saw it in Gus and Duncan’s guide to Star Wars collectibles at the begining of this year. I would imagine that … Continue reading

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Rawcliffe Pewter Millennium Falcon

I’ve had my eye on these for quite a while. As well as Franklin mint, Rawcliffe Pewter also released their version of the Millennium Falcon in pewter. It’s about half the size and while i cannot remember how much it … Continue reading

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Franklin Mint

Back in about 1995, Franklin Mint was huge for collectibles. They were particularely well known at the time for their pewter Star Trek starship models (which i still like). For some reason, there where only ever two Star Wars models released. … Continue reading

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