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“The circle is now complete” polystone diorama from Sideshow Toys

With so many items, i missed the boat as i wasn’t focus collecting at the time. Alas. 😦 This excellent diorama from Sideshow is another example of my poor timing and purchasing acumen :). The Circle is now complete diorama … Continue reading

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Sideshow’s Dejarik Holochess table

Some time ago Sideshow collectibles released an expansion pack of the Millennium Falcon’s classic Dejarik Table in their 12 inch action figure line. I missed out one this and didn’t get one. I recently found this one on ebay for … Continue reading

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“This is no Cave” Enviorama from Sideshow

I’ve said before that i really hope that Sideshow start producing some Millennium Falcon related merchandise as they’re really leading the way at the moment. Several years ago, they started a new line or “Envioramas”. Basically, these were just dioramas … Continue reading

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Sideshow/Finemolds Millennium Falcon

When this was first put out for preview on the Sideshow website, I was incensed to say the least, $800 for a model kit that you can buy unmade and unpainted for $200 online????!!! After discussing this with some members … Continue reading

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