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A keen Star Wars collector since 1977, my collection focus seems to have taken on a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship. Why the Millennium Falcon? No one else seemed to have one at the time and it was fair to say that i had difficulty resisting the higher end models. My friend, icruise from Rebelscum has a superb blog for his Jabba the Hutt collection, I thought that i'd start this blog to chart my own collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as it increases. Well, that was the plan but it now seems to be more about cataloguing any Millennium Falcon item in general now so that i can come back to them later.

“She’s Got It Where It Counts” by Mark Englert

Up on the Bottleneck Gallery today is this wonderful print by Mark Englert of the Millennium Falcon. I love the way that he’s kept the focus on the Falcon but used backgrounds from all three or the original trilogy movies. Just … Continue reading

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Ranger Chrono SW watch from Nixon

The third watch I bought was this superb Ranger Chrono watch and it is easily my favourite of the three. As you can see, they have continued with the Gun metal grey colouring and the second hand has been represented … Continue reading

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46SW Millennium Falcon Watch by Nixon

As you can see by my recent blog history, I’ve kind of been on the hunt for watches focused on the Millennium Falcon, after DeathSpawn6000 from Rebelscum sent me a wonder pocket watch from the states. I’ve known about the Nixon … Continue reading

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Star Wars Watches by GSX

I also came across this Millennium Blueprint watch by GSX. Part of their GSX400 series Star Wars line of five watches. Again, I really like it and it seems to have the whole “less is more” thinking in its design. … Continue reading

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Star Wars Watches by Invicta

After getting my pocket watch from Dan, I thought I’d do a little search for them online. I’ve seen most of them before and already have a few of the less expensive versions in my collection already. One that I … Continue reading

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Millennium Falcon Pocket Watch

One of the guys on the Rebelscum forum let me know of this Accutime Pocket Watch that was being sold at one of his local stores and was kind enough to pick one up for me. Roughly 3″ by 2.5″ … Continue reading

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Chris Cargill painting

I have three of Chris Cargill’s paintings in my collection now. He’s a talented artist and I’ve been lucky enough to have been able to buy his work at really reasonable prices. Most of his Millennium Falcon work that I … Continue reading

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