Dejarik “Holochess” figures from Regal Robot

Regal Robot have been producing high quality Star Wars items for some time now. Mostly niche items, such as home decor and prop replicas of concept designs. I’ve been quietly watching them for a while now, but as yet, they’ve not produced anything that fits into my collection. This week they gave a sneak peek into their Dejarik figures which will be made available on Star Wars Day (May the Fourth) and will run until 18th June, after which pre-orders will close and the edition size capped.

Eight figurines will be available in 4 twin packs. There is also a deluxe “Signature Edition” which comes with 10 figurine and plaques with the signatures of the animators for this sequence, Phil Tippett and Jon Berg as well as the Cinematographer, Dennis Muran. The exclusive will be limited to an edition size of only 77 and I expect them to go very quickly.

There is no information as yet on how much these will be sold for, but i expect a hefty sum, perhaps as high as $5, 000 or more for the signature edition. Unfortunately, Regal Robot doesn’t ship outside of the US, so getting these to the UK is going to be difficult, if not impossible.

It kind of explains why the X-Plus series of Dejarik figures disappeared so quickly. More images will be made available on April 27th. Sign up to the Regal Robot newsletter for more information, or follow them on Instagram. I’ll post more then.

A bit late, so please accept my apologies. Regal Robot released details on pricing along with some more photos of the painted sculpts and it is very promising. There are four, two pack sets for purchase between $800. The larger sized Mentellian Savrip and Kintan Strider pack is $1200.

The Signature Edition is a very reasonable $4800 and a flex pay option is available ($700 down payment and 7 further instalments of $602.76 each month) and comes with two exclusive concept figurines and figures that were not seen in the movie.

The signature plates have also been signed already, so once you’ve paid, they should ship very quickly.

I tried to get the exclusive, but they sold out within 45 minutes. Bugger! Still the four twin packs are still available until 08/0621.

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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