Musical Wall Sculpture from the Bradford Exchange

I ordered this illuminated musical wall sculpture of the Millennium Falcon from the Bradford Exchange this afternoon. It’s a 3d sculpt of the Falcon over a 2d background and frame.

Bradford Exchange

15″ wide and is priced at £169.99, its not cheap. It features an illuminated cockpit and six pulsating stars in the background change colour. (I think they missed a trick not putting lights in the mandibles, too.) The details look quite decent in the photos, but i will post some “in hand” shots once i receive it. (Hopefully some time next week.)

Bradford Exchange 2

I am glad that they decided on the Original Trilogy version of the Falcon.

Bradford Exchange 3

At the flick of a switch, it will play the Star Wars theme tune.

It’s kind of tacky, but I really like it.


It arrived today and was well packaged and the first thing you see as you open the shipping carton is the rear of the frame, which gives copyright details on the item as well as the musical score. The switches for the lights and music are on the bottom of the frame.

Wall Sculpture 1#

I was pleased to see that the 3d element of the Millennium Falcon comes out by quite a bit. The detail has dropped off, I think, compared to the one on their website, but it isn’t as bad as i was initally expecting.

Wall Sculpture 4

Wall Sculpture 5

You can see in this photo how much she protrudes. Wherever you hang this sculpture, you’re going to have to have consider people bumping into it and either hurting themselves or damaging your statue.

I also expected the underside of the Falcon to be sparsly detailed, but i was wrong.

Wall Sculpture 2

I have a couple of small gripes with this:

  1. I’m really disappointed that they didn’t continue the 2d/3d effect on the underside of the Falcon.
  2. The legend at the top states SW/TFA which will always be The Force Awakens to me and I hope that they are able to change subsiquent models.
  3. I am also disappointed that there is no edition size to this kind of collectible.
  4. Lastly, the cockpit is really under scuplted.

Wall Sculpture 6

Overall, I am both pleasantly surprised and pleased at how well this actually turned out.


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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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3 Responses to Musical Wall Sculpture from the Bradford Exchange

  1. David G Samatis says:

    I bought the Millennium Falcon Illuminated Musical Wall Sculpture from the Bradford Exchange. But it does not come with the electric cord that makes it run on electricity. Does anyone know what the proper cord to use is?

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