Solo Millennium Falcon cross section by Richard Chasemore

Although there was no Incredible Cross Sections release for Solo: A Star Wars story, I am pleased to see that there was an exclusive cross section in DK’s Official guide book by Pablo Hidalgo. Unfortunately, the only decent image I can find is the German version of the book. (thanks to my friend Brian for pointing this out to me)


Created by Richard Chasemore, (one of the original DK Star Wars cross section team), it is chock full of detail. It is incredible to think that this is hand drawn and hand painted by the artist.  (see below for photos from Richard’s Facebook page.)


Nice to see L3-37 in there. I also think that a cross section of the dart would be in order, too. We know nothing about this extension to the Falcon.

I wonder if we will see a publication with all three cross sections together? (In a gatefold, of coarse, as I really detest the page folds.) I’d love to look through each one, but I don’t really have the room.


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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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5 Responses to Solo Millennium Falcon cross section by Richard Chasemore

  1. Brian says:

    actually, the cross section books need something called a layflat binding. Bit more pricey but that would eliminate the gap between the pages. However, I don’t know how many pages can be binded that way.

    • mffanrodders says:

      It is kinda frustrating that these magnificent images are hindered by the binding. I’d pay extra for a “Lay Flat” binding. Perhaps as an ebook or paid PDF download would be a better option for the larger pieces of artwork.

      • Brian says:

        I suggest they are not safe enough for reproducing prints

      • Brian says:

        however, have you ever contacted him, whether he’s allowed to sell a print? I believe the licencing is something difficult to get around

      • mffanrodders says:

        I did try to contact him to see if he would be able to give me a good image of the painting. No response, but I’m hopeful. 🙂 I wonder if he has the original.

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