1:12th Paper craft Cockpit by UHU2

You’re all aware of Hot Toys Stunning Millennium Falcon cockpit diorama that was showcased last year? Alas, for whatever reason, Hot Toys decided not to release this awesome piece, so I have had to whet my whistle elsewhere for this.

Japanese Paper craft modeller and designer UHU02 has released this 1/1:12 paper craft model of the cockpit on his website.

Papercraft Millennium Falcon cockpit 00

You can download the eight PDF files from his website, but be warned, these files are pretty large and some of them exceed 93MB with the total file size being 441MB. Still, the attention to detail is fantastic and you can see why the documents are so large.

I’m not a modeller and there is no way that I’d have the skill and patience to do this justice, however, I would strongly suggest that you download the PDF’s and keep them as UHU02 is known for releasing his designs for a short time only. I have tried to attach them here but with the files being so large, I’m not sure if they’ll display properly.

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 01;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 02;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 03;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 04;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 05;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 06;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 07;

Millennium Falcon Cockpit 08;

Also on the site are seven guides with step by step instructions on how to build this model.

There has been something of a surge in retail paper craft modelling recently, so perhaps we will see this along with a nice accompanying book in the stores sometime soon. 🙂

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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1 Response to 1:12th Paper craft Cockpit by UHU2

  1. Everardo says:

    Saludos desde mexico, muchas por compartir, espero cuando lo arme se vea como en las imagenes del crador UHU02.

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