Episode VII Millennium Falcon model at Celebrations Anaheim

Celebrations Anaheim will be in full swing now. Alas, i’ll never be able to attend, but i can live vacariously through other my way of excellent web sites like Rebelscum. A massive part of this year’s celebration is Star Wars: Episode VII: The Force Awakens. No doubt you’ve seen and been overawed by the new teaser trailer and as well as all the discussion panels, there is also a display of some of the costumes and models used in filming. Below are photos taken of the Millennium Falcon fiming model. (Click on the image for full size.) Apparently, This was one of 11 Fine Molds kits that was used to work out the logistics of the full scale build.

Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-131 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-132 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-133 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-134 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-135 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-136 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-137 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-138 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-139 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-140 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-141 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-142 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-143 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-144 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-145 Star-Wars-Celebration-Anaheim-2015-The-Force-Awakens-146There’s a lot more coloured panelling than i remember from the original trilogy, which I kind of like it. I particularly like the engine details in this model. I’m also not sure how i feel about the new antenna. I suppose it’s a bit sleeker than the old dish. I’m sure i’ll get used to it, soon. Thanks to Rebelscum for the photos. Check out the full gallery here. I’m hoping we’ll see an actual filming model some day soon.

About mffanrodders

A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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