DeAgostini: Build The Millennium Falcon; Issue 8

Issue 8;

Parts featured with this issue are the Technical Station, Main Hold Walls and more seating parts.

imageimageAs with the last issue, issue 8 continues with the Corellian YT Series legacy. Th eYT1200, YT1210 and YT1250 are featured this week.

imageThe technical station is the part of the Falcon in this weeks magazine although we’ve has the tech station beautifully detailed in a previous magazine, the main hold is also detailed in this issue.

imageThe blueprint showing the Droid Interface stations is a nice touch, although i can believe that there are only two in the passenger compartment, i can’t help wondering if there are more.

imageThis weeks Exploration of the galaxy is on the regions of the galaxy.

imageHopefully the partwork will give us more information on trade and smuggling routes.

imageI must confess that as the partwork progresses i’m losing confidence in my ability to do this rather excitingly complicated replica justice as i have pretty poor modelling skills and very little patience.

imageimageimageimageThat’s it for another 4 weeks. Overall i’m impressed with what DeAgostini are doing here. The magazine does appear to be focused on aspects of the Star Wars Galaxy linked to the Millennium Falcon and hopefully the kitbashed parts are pleasing the more experienced model makers, although I do hope that DeAgostini start posting the parts on the card again.

I’m also wondering if DeAgostini will release a limited run of the model completed by professional model makers. It would make sense as not all of us are good modellers and it would put a little more money into DeAgostini’s coffers. (It has been done before with the Fine Molds Falcon, so i don’t see why not.)

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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