Attakus Millennium Falcon and Death Star diorama.

Maker: Attakus
Year: 2005
Price: 2, 400 Euros (plus 200 Euros Shipping to the UK)
Edition: 400

Back in 2005, long before i decided to focus collect, Attakus and Master Replicas each released a Millennium Falcon collectable that was unprecedented in both size, cost and detail. Master Replicas released their Studio Scale model and Attakus released this diorama. At the time i decided to go with the Master Replicas Studio Scale as i figured it would sell out quicker than the Attakus Falcon. A decision that was, in hindsight, the right one.

millennium-falcon-attakus-dio-34I always intended to go back and get the Attakus Dio as i thought that it was stunning and (even if i do say so myself), perhaps the most ambitious Star Wars collectable that i have ever seen. It was anticipated that they would release one diorama for each of the Star Wars movies, with this one being the Star Wars one. (The Empire Strikes Back diorama was going to be Luke’s X-Wing and Yoda’s hovel in the Dagobah swamp.) There were also 12 metal figurines that you could buy for approximately 80 Euros each. These were limited to an edition size of 2, 500 each. There were a further two exclusive figures that you got with the diorama. I bought all the figurines but as this line was unsuccessful you could get them very cheaply afterwards and i doubt that they sold their entire run.

A couple of years ago i entered an arrangement with Comics Bazaar in France to purchase one from him at 100 Euros a month for 20 months plus 250 Euros shipping. I was a little hesitant, but i thought “why not?” and went for it. Alas, once i paid, Comix Bazaar failed to deliver and unfortunately for me, i couldn’t complain to Ebay as the deal was struck outside of their auction room. The owner bought time by saying that the storms that we were experiencing at the time were holding up delivery. Plausable, and it kept me from taking my complaint to Paypal until after the deadline. The Police in the UK weren’t interested, either. Anyway, this year i thought that ten years of coveting this collection grail was enough. I upped my credit card limit and bought one from Attakus with the intention for it to be my first item of 2015. (Sentimental, aren’t I?)

This came today (9th January) and I can immediately see why this wasn’t too popular. It really is huge. OK, i knew how big it was intellectually, but when you see it for real, it just hits you. So much so that i’m in a bit of a panic as to how i can display it or store it.

IMG-20150108-00088Customs weren’t too careful either as they’d cut off the side of the box with the Falcon and a little of the base.

IMG-20150108-00090IMG-20150108-00091(For some strange reason, the Death Star part of the dio wasn’t touched.)

So, to the unpacking. Due to the damage to the Millennium Falcon part box, I unpacked that part first. The initial inspection showed no damage.


I must must confess that when this was first delivered, I thought I’d made a huge mistake. Now that I’ve seen her in the flesh, I’m glad to say that my excitement and passion for this piece has been restored and I’m thrilled to have one. The underside shows the maker details and the edition size. My model is number 247 of 400.


So, i have started to unpack this and i thought that i’d open the  plynth first. Mine is number  189 of 400 so they must be randomly packed as we clearly don’t get a set. Also, you definitely need two people to unbox every element. While i could manhandle this up the stairs, i wasn’t able to remove it from the box. 



It’s very well packaged. Not only is there a polystyrene outer protection to the plynth, but also a foam cover and a clear plastic cover.

imageYou can’t really make it out here, but along the straight top is a series of bumps representing lighting on the hanger floor. It’s a shame that Attakus didn’d consider making these working lights as that would be a really nice touch to this piece.

That’s it for now as this thing is heavy. I was hoping that i would be able to manhandle the base out of teh box, but you definitely need two people to unbox all elements of this piece.

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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2 Responses to Attakus Millennium Falcon and Death Star diorama.

  1. troy patterson says:

    very happy to know you got the piece you have been after for years.

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