Star Wars Toy set by Armadillo Dreams

I love this hand made set of wooden and painted figurines of Vader, Leia, Luke, Han and Chewie from Star Wars: A New Hope. They come with a rather attractive Millennium Falcon figure too.

Armadillo Dreams Armadillo Dreams 1 Armadillo Dreams 2 Armadillo Dreams 3 Armadillo Dreams 4

They’re made to order and it’ll take them about a month to make. I’m wondering if it’d be worth commssioning a set from each of the OT moves. (Han, Chewie Luke, Ben and Leia from ANH, Han, Leia, Chewie and Threepio from ESB and Lando and Nien Numb from ROTJ.) What do you think?

They’re available from Armadillo Dreams on Etsy for around $100.

About mffanrodders

A keen Star Wars collector since 1977, my collection focus seems to have taken on a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship. Why the Millennium Falcon? No one else seemed to have one at the time and it was fair to say that i had difficulty resisting the higher end models. My friend, icruise from Rebelscum has a superb blog for his Jabba the Hutt collection, I thought that i'd start this blog to chart my own collection of Millennium Falcon related collectibles as it increases.
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