Star Wars Angry Birds toys

Rebelscum has posted that there is going to be a Star Wars release of the well known Angry Bird App due for release on 08 November. I’ll definately download a copy. What’s interesting is the fact that there will also be a range of toys based on Angry Birds/Jenga which looks quite fun. No real images yet, but the cover art shows a Millennium Falcon catapult, so i’ll be getting one of them for sure. (No images of the actual toy yet, though.)

There’s also a set of “Birds” entitled “Millennium Falcon Heroes”. I’m not sure whether i’ll try and get this set. It depends on the cover art i suppose as it may feature the Falcon.

Mike found some photos of the Millennium Falcon catapult for the Tatooine set.

Looks very similar to the Burger King toy that i have. No matter, i definately will be getting one.

The game itself is pretty addictive and is very well done IMO. There’s also some artwork including this nice work onthe Death Star missions featuring the Falcon.

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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