nerdadjacent on Etsy

I’m always afraid to blog about finds like this in case someone from Lucasarts find it and sends a cease and desisit to the seller. A bit of a conceit i think. 🙂

Another Etsy find for me is nerdadjacent (Matt Stevens) who creates fan art using laser etched sheet aluminium as his medium. Matt calls these Geekographs. 🙂 A couple of weeks ago, i contacted Matt to see if he could do a commission based on the Millennium Falcon. This is his first attempt and i think you’ll agree, it looks pretty good. What do you think?

They’re 12″ by 24″ and the price for the initial commission is $150 and $50  for each additional copy. (I got one for Mike too.) Below are some other examples of his Star Wars pieces (check out his home page for other images including a really nice Serenity geekograph.)

Boba Fett:

Death Star 2:


This one’s interesting as the subject matter is pretty unique.

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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6 Responses to nerdadjacent on Etsy

  1. Theresa says:

    I like it… But… I would LOVE it if the MF was bigger, the proportions just seem off because of it. I feel like the MF really needs to be featured on it and all of his other piece have much larger pictures. Just increase the size of the MF and you’ll have a winner. At least, that’s my opinion. lol

    • mffanrodders says:

      Yeah, i like the layout but i’m not convinced on the stock photo used for the Millennium Falcon. I’ll email Mike to see if he has any good photos of the Falcon that we could use in place of this one.

      • Matt Stevens says:

        Hey everyone!

        Thank you for your feedback. Just to let you know, that image of the Falcon is actually taken from a screenshot I took from the Blu-ray of A New Hope. I wanted to go with an image that isn’t overused.

      • mffanrodders says:

        Hello Matt, thanks for the comment. It really is great work.

  2. stasiuwong says:

    Interesting that the artist’s process lets you claim “I made a lot of special modifications myself.”

    • mffanrodders says:

      Yeah. I very much like the aliases part. Interesting the dimensions are different from what i’ve seen before. (Usually, it’s 26.5 metres which i’ve always felt was a little small.) I’m very much looking forward to seeing the finished article. 🙂

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