You Can Draw Star Wars by Bonnie Burton and Matt Busch

So, i’ve finally gotten around to decorating what will be my Star Wars room. Whilst it’ll be a long time before i can get around to displaying my Millennium Falcon collection, i have been able to get my Star Wars book collection out on my bookshelves. 🙂

(Forgive the poor quality photo). It is quite nice as i’ve been able to go through my books again and even tie some of them to my growing Millennium Falcon collection.

The first book i’ve been able to link to the Falcon is “You Can Draw Star Wars” by Bonnie Burton and Matt Busch.

It’s a rather nice book that shows you (or your children) how best to draw Star Wars images and the Millennium Falcon’s features as one of the harder “Master Class” drawings.

(Looking for some photos of the actual drawing process, i came across this similar tutorial from


Step one- all you have to do is draw a disc like circle shape for the frame of the Falcon. Next add the detailing structure lines on the top of the starship. Draw a hole on the top and then four guidelines for the front of the Falcon.

how to draw the millennium falcon step 2


In this next step you will start drawing out the structure lines that define the Falcon. The cockpit needs to be detailed and drawn out which is the cylinder shape you see off to the left. You also need to draw the shape of the forward mandibles which is the fork looking shapes. Next draw a small disc shape to the right of the Falcon for the sensor dish.

how to draw the millennium falcon step 3


In this step you will start sketching out the lining for definition on the forward mandibles as seen here. Add some window shapes to the cockpit and then sketch out the lining details for the armor plating all over the top of the Falcon. After you take your time drawing out the structure lines you can move to the next step.

how to draw the millennium falcon step 4


This is your last drawing step and what you will do now is add more detailing lines to cockpit, forward mandibles, and the quad laser cannon which is the small circular shape on the top of the starship. Next add the detailing structure lines to the sensor dish then shade and color in some of the parts as they are done in this step. Erase any visible guidelines that you drew in step one to clean up your drawing.

how to draw the millennium falcon step 5


Once you are completely done with the drawing you should end up with a drawing that looks like this. All you have to do now is color it in and you’re done. I hope you enjoyed this long awaited tutorial on how to draw the Millennium Falcon step by step.

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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