Millennium Falcon engagement ring

I stumbled on this website today about Celebration IV in 2007. Check out the Millennium Falcon engagement ring.

Yep, those are diamonds in the engine. How cool is that? Now, i love my missus, but i’m not sure i’d love her enough to hand that over. 🙂

About mffanrodders

A keen Star Wars collector since 1977, my collection focus seems to have taken on a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship. Why the Millennium Falcon? No one else seemed to have one at the time and it was fair to say that i had difficulty resisting the higher end models. My friend, icruise from Rebelscum has a superb blog for his Jabba the Hutt collection, I thought that i'd start this blog to chart my own collection of Millennium Falcon related collectibles as it increases.
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2 Responses to Millennium Falcon engagement ring

  1. Hey!
    So glad you reposted this from my blog. I couldn’t believe that ring bling, either. And it isn’t exactly something you can just go out and buy–the groom-to-be put a lot of effort into all of that proposal. 🙂

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