Star Wars The Blueprints Book.

J. W. Rintzler is releasing this rather attractive book through Epic Ink about the Blueprints used in the original Star Wars movies.

Limited to an edition size of 5000 pieces at $500 it’s a pretty expensive addition to my library, but i’ve always been a sucker for the big, expensive and supposedly “exclusive” Star Wars books. 🙂

Naturally of course there’s a detailed blueprint of the Millennium Falcon that means this had to be added to my collection (and i do hope that it’s one of the four foot gatefold blueprint.) 🙂 I’m hoping that there will also be copies of blueprints for the seperate Millennium Falcon “sets” such as the cockpit, gunner station and dejarik table.

Here’s a nice one of the Millennium Falcon’s ramp that i hadn’t seen before.

Some of the Specifcations include:

“A custom-made cloth case holds the massive book of technical drawings within. Featuring 10 gatefolds that open to just shy of 4 feet in length, Star Wars: The Blueprints captures the original materials in breathtaking detail. Each book is hand-numbered and with an exclusive, limited run of only 5,000 English language copies, only the most passionate fans and collectors will have access to these prized documents and the incredible story they tell.

Star Wars: The Blueprints

  • 336 pages, including 10 gatefolds
  • More than 250 featured blueprints
  • Over 70,000 words
  • More than 500 photographs and illustrations
  • Hand-numbered title page
  • Printed on 200gsm matte paper with a varnish seal
  • 15.5” wide by 18.5” tall (39.4 cm wide by 47 cm tall)
  • 22 pounds (10 kg)

Cloth case

  • Custom-dyed cloth material case
  • Debossed foil stamping detail on spine and cover
  • Individually handcrafted, assembled and inspected
  • 19” wide by 2.625” deep by 22.125” tall (48.3 cm wide by 6.7 cm deep by 56.2 cm tall)
  • Including book, 30 pounds (13.6 kg)

Certificate of Authenticity

  • Signed by Epic Ink President Andrew S. Mayer
  • 4” wide x 5.75” tall (10.2 cm wide by 14.6 cm tall)”

I’ve preordered one at Forbidden Planet for £215. You can take a very nice close up of this book here.

I recently came across these blueprints of the Falcon’s interior for the full scale version by Joe Johnston. I very much hope that the Falcon section of this book will include these pictures as well as the other Falcon blueprints we know of. (The ramp, landing gear and cockpit.)

There’s a blueprint of Jabba’s sail barge too, so perhaps Mighty Jabba would be intersted in a copy.

27/08/11: I just received an email from Forbidden Planet letting me know tat mine has shipped. Also, it’s confirmed that the Millennium falcon is one of the larger scale blueprints. Yay!!! 🙂

11/09/11: Well, i got this book today (number 1180) and i’m massively impressed. I don’t have a clue where i’m going to put it as it’s far to big for my shelves. 🙂 I haven’t had a look through yet, but i’ll take some photos when i do.  At $500 per unit, it’s a little expensive, but it’s an order of magnitude more impressive than any other books i own. Very impressive, if you get a chance to get one of these i’d thoroughly recommend it.

About mffanrodders

A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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5 Responses to Star Wars The Blueprints Book.

  1. icruise says:

    At $500, I think I’ll pass, but it does look very cool.

    • mffanrodders says:

      I hear you, but at a rather large edition size of 5000 at $500 each i’d be willing to bet good money that these will be seen at a great price in 2012. 🙂

      I’ve always been a collector of the Star Wars books and regardless of how my collecting habits have changed, the books have been a constant. It is expensive but it will look nice. I don’t know how to display these types of books though as it always seems a little of a disservice to just put them on the shelves.

  2. stasiuwong says:

    Thanks for linking the Epic Ink site. Hopefully no blueprints straddle the center gutter- that would annoy me to no end!

  3. Slay says:

    Any chance of a better shot of the ramp?

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