Millennium Falcon Spec Plate from Acme Archives.

Wow, Great News indeed, another High End Falcon but not a model this time.

Some time ago, ACME Archives released a Star Destroyer Spec Plate. It was very nice, but I always hoped for a Falcon one, but didn’t think that would be practical. I’ve just seen that they’re releasing one for the Millennium Falcon. OK, it’s a bit pricey at $1995 plus shipping, but it’s limited to only 25 units. Besides, look at it, isn’t it beautiful? I shall try and order one, but shipping and tax is definately going to be a bitch. (I estimate another $1400 to $1600 on top.)

I wonder how they ship something like that? Would it be a in a wooden crate? For the price, it comes in a nice frame and is approximately four feet long by two feet high. (Here’s the link to the Star Destroyer plate if you want to take a look.

More information to follow. 🙂

21/11/10: I’ve been e/mailing ACME Archives on the likely pre-order and release dates for this. Hopefully, i’ll have a reply for Monday or Tuesday. I think that this is in the realms of fantasy items like the Attakus Falcon. Unless i can get off my arse and start selling my non-Falcon related items, i’ll never have the room or the money.

25/11/10: This is now available for pre-order. There’s nothing about the actual release date, but me thinks that i really need to get a wiggle on getting rid of items outside of my Falcon collection.  (

26/11/10: Ordered. This is going to make an incredible background for my MR Studio Scale Falcon when i finally get it on display.

For those that are interested in getting this fine piece, ACME Archives Direct are having a holiday sale with a 25% discount on this until Monday 29th. That’s just too good a discount to pass up.  Just enter the coupon code HOLIDAY25 in the discount code bit when checking out.

17/12/10: Outstanding, i’ve just received an email letting me know that she’s here and i just need to arrange for FEDEX to deliver to my home address. Also, is it me or is the SDCC version considerably different to the released version? I’ve sent a cheeky mail to see if it’s available. (Nothing ventured and all that. 🙂 ) Now that would be a coup for my collection. I got this reply, “Unfortunately the prototype was just a sample printed on foam core which was damaged when it came back from Comic Con.  Sorry I can’t help you but there really wasn’t a “real” prototype done”.

12/01/11: Well, number 3 of 25 arrived this morning and i have to say that my misgivings about shipping something this big across the Atlantic without breaking it were unfounded. She arrived in a bubble wrap pouch in a sleeve which was in a box which was also wrapped in bubble wrap which was in another box. It must have taken them ages to pack. 🙂

My first thought was that she’s a big old lump. With a shipping weight of 37 pounds and actual dimensions of three feet long and two deep, it’s a fair size. When you hang this make sure your hooks are strong enough. I was a bit surprised that it was the version that was shown on their stand at the SDCC and not the one on the web site. I’ll need to get in touch with Bonnie to see if there is a second version as there are some pretty distinct differences between the two. As my second Major Millennium Falcon related purchase, I have to say that i’m hugely impressed with the level of detail that they’ve managed to capture.

I’ll apologise now for the level of photography as it really doesn’t capture everything. It’s a nice touch that when you look at the actual Specplate itself there are feint etchings of the original blueprints in the background like a watermark. A nice detail in my opinion.

The Certificate of Authenticity is on the rear.

This is my second major purchase (MR’s studio scale being my first.) I was lucky enough to have bought mine in the sale for a 25% discount. But now that i have it in my hands i’d do it again for definate. There are a lot of people who will scoff at this price, but when you see them, they’re hugely impressive. Now, excuse me, i need to go and stare at this thing for a while. 🙂

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A long time Science Fiction fan and Star Wars collector, my collection focus has taken a turn towards Han Solo's iconic Star Ship and I thought that i'd start this blog to keep track of my collection of Millennium Falcon related stuff as i progress.
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2 Responses to Millennium Falcon Spec Plate from Acme Archives.

  1. troy patterson says:

    Its a nice piece but can’t justice the price. Way to much. Insane. It sounds like you really want it. I hope you get it.

  2. mffanrodders says:

    Hello Troy, Yeah, it is pricey and the wife will absolutely kill me when she finds out. (I haven’t told her about it yet.) I’m hoping that it doesn’t go up for pre-order for a while longer so that i have a little time to save.
    I wanted one of these from the moment i saw the Star Destroyer one a few months ago and it sort of bacame a fantasy item. I think that they [spec plates] look incredible. A limit of 25 makes it quite rare too which adds to it’s appeal. This will definately be displayed behind my MR Studio Scale Falcon.

    I would imagine that Slave 1 would be next. 🙂

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