Key Chain from Fossil

Fossil have recently started to produce some Star Wars watches and accessories. While I wait for a Millennium Falcon watch to add to my small, but growing collection, this engraved key fob should whet my appetite.

Made from metal with a leather back, its £45 and is 7×4.4×1 cm in size. The engraving looks very detailed and nicely done.

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Millennium Falcon by David Hutton

This painting of the Millenniun Falcon flanked by a brace of X-Wings as they approach a planet is by Bristol based artist Dave Hutton and is long sold. Prints are available from the Imaginations Fine Art Gallery.

I really like the blue palette of the painting as it has an almost serene feel to it and the detail on the Falcon looks great. The site says prints available, but there’s no “buy” option anywhere. (I’d personally opt for the more expensive (£63.50) of the Millennium Falcon print, which are double mounted with an image size of 602mm by 375mm, which is about 24″ by 15″). I’m not sure whether these are numbered in any way. I’ve made contact with the gallary, but It’s been… sparing. I’m not going to bother with it. Shame as this is a nice painting.

A Darth Vader print is also available and with artwork from Star Trek and Doctor Who, Dave seems to be a bit of a genre fan.

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All Hope Is Not Lost by Mark Davies

This lovely mixed media montage artwork by British artist Mark Davies called “All Hope Is Not Lost”, is currently available at the MP Gallery.

It has a lot of detail which is hard to make out in the main photo, but close up photos show such things as Han and Chewie in the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon. If you look closely, you can just make out the opening crawl from Star Wars on the floor where Leia is.

The original has sold (£4850), but there are other options.

A hand embellished, hand signed canvas is available at both the MP Gallery and the artists website. These are limited to an edition size of 20 plus 5 artists proofs and are framed in either a black or white frame. These are £1195 each.

You can also get a paper Giclee print from the MP Gallery. The small prints are 25″ by 18″ and sell between £395 or £475 (depending on whether you want the print embellished or not) and are limited to 45 regulars with 5 AP’s. The large prints are 36″ by 24″ and limited to 20 with 5 AP’s and sell for between £595 and £695.

I don’t have enough money to get one at the moment as i’m saving for a new PC.

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RotJ 40th Anniversary coin from the Bradford Exchange.

I saw this anniversary coin for Return of the Jedi on the Bradford Exchange site showing General Calrissian in the Millennium Falcon (sans dish) escaping from the exploding Death Star.

The coin is quite nice and you don’t see RotJ versions of the Millennium Falcon often. Silver plated and 28.5mm, it weighs 14 grams. The image is sharp and the Death Star in high relief makes a nice contrast. It comes in a rather nice Millennium Falcon collectors folder.

There are another four coins in the collection, which I’ll probably get as I loathe unfinished sets in my collection. The coins are £9.95 each, (plus shipping) and limited to 9, 995 peices.

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Rucking Fotten Star Wars Prints

Star Wars day (May the fourth) is fast approaching, so I expect many things to tempt me. SpokeArt have some original trilogy prints by Rucking Fotten based around a Japanese poster style. Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back have both got the Millennium Falcon on them, but the Return of the Jedi print doesn’t. Still, i had to get a set.

The prints are $50 each and are limited to an edition size of 100. Each print is 16″ by 20″.

There is also a foil variant. These are $60 each and limited to 40 of each. Unfortunately, they’ve sold out already.

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“The Ways Of The Force” by Pete Lloyd

Dang!! This is turning into an expensive month. 🙂

I just had to order this lithograph print by Pete Lloyd, as it has everything that I’d want in Star Wars.

Twin suns of Tatooine? Check.
X-Wings approaching the Death Star? Check
Darth Vader? Check
Millennium Falcon? Check

The colours are beautiful and I love the way that Peter has used the lighting of the twin suns to separate the main elements of this print into two halves.

Available from Dark Ink (or Pulse Gallery if you’re in the UK), and is limited to an edition size of 250 pieces and is 18″ by 24″. I hope he does one for both The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi as well.

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Cloud City by John Nadeau

As well as “With the rest of the Garbage”, John Nadeau has a two other prints that feature the Millennium Falcon. “Cloud City” is another beautiful print from The Empire Strike Back of two Cloud Cars flanking the Millennium Falcon as she approaches Bespin.

Bespin is one of my favourite sequences the whole of the Star Wars stories. I adore the colours, which i believe is beautifully represented here.

Again, this print is matted and is 14″ by 18″. I have no idea on the edition size or the correct retail price.

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“With The Rest Of The Garbage” by John Nadeau

This print by John Nadeau is available exclusively at the Disney Epcot Festival of the Arts. It shows the Millennium Falcon detaching from a Star Destroyer before heading off to Bespin. This was a cool scene in the Empire Strikes Back and it’s great to see it here.

It’s not often that you see this scene in a print. (The only reference i can think of is Christopher Cushman’s beautiful cutaway print.) I’m pleased that John has slipped Slave 1 in there, too.

Oddly enough, I think that it would look pretty cool upside down so that the Star Destroyer is the right side up and Millennium Falcon is on the top.

The print is a matted 14″ by 18″. I have no idea on how limited this print is, but once again, eBay will be my friend with this.

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Return of the Jedi Battlepack from Jazwares.

Jazwares were exhibiting at this year’s Celebrations Europe and this Amazon exclusive battle pack for the Battle for Endor will be released later in the year.

It features a battle damaged Millennium Falcon and two Tie Interceptors with Lando Calrissian, Nien Numb, two rebel troopers and two Tie Fighter pilot figurines, (which i have to say look really good on first glance). I’m intrigued as to what the “battle damage” will look like but excited as we don’t see an RotJ Falcon often.

Apologies for the poor quality photo, it literally is a screen pull from the Jazwares Instagram feed.

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The Art of Star Wars Pin collection

Does 2003 count as Vintage? I reckon so. I recently bought this vintage “Art of Star Wars” pin collection from a vendor on eBay. The set contains the Millennium Falcon, X-Wing and the Death Star and each pin is about 3 centimetres. It’s still sealed, i’m not going to open them.

I can’t find any information about them.

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