Hallmark Christmas Tree Onament

‘Tis the season, so I bought this Walmart Exclusive gold coloured Christmas Tree ornament. I have to admit that it’s actually a pretty nice ornament and were I not a collector, this would look great on the tree.

Probably about the same size as a Micro Machines Falcon, perhaps 4″ by 3″. The gold colouring is really nice and bright. The ribbon is attached to the triangle medallion on the back. Import tax and shipping to the UK doubled the price, though.

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Bay 327 by David Kennedy

I bought this print from David Kennedy after seeing it on his Facebook page. Bay 327 is another marvellous print featuring the Millennium Falcon and is available on his Cherry Sherrif web site.

Bay 327 by David Kennedy

I love the monochrome look with just a splash of colour in the cockpit.

Bay 327 is limited to an edition size of 100 pieces, it is a respectable 100 by 50 cms and each print is signed, numbered and comes with a certificate of authenticity. I was tempted to pick up one of his “Hunter’s Ride” prints to go with my beautifully embellished “Pirate Ship” print, but I have to stay in focus.

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Let the Wookie Win by Jared Circusbear

The team at Gallery1988 are showcasing a small series of sculptures based on scenes in Star Wars by “Toy Artist” Jared Circusbear. Based around a kidrobot Munny figure, each scene is about 3″ tall and 5″ wide at the base.

Let the Wookie Win” is his take on the Dejarik games from Star Wars: A New Hope.

Let the Wookie Win by Jared Circusbear

Quite beautifully sculpted when you consider the size. I like the way that the figures is painted in a way that is sympathetic to the scene. Let the Wookie Win is still available for a price of $1050. I’d get it, but the timing’s not right for me at the moment.

Binary Sunset by Jared Circusbear

Binary Sunset is my favourite, I think. This scene just screams Star Wars and I can hear John Williams’s score as I type this. 🙂

He’s No Good To Me Dead by Jared Circusbear

He’s No Good To Me Dead.

Do or Do Not by Jared Circusbear

Do or Do Not.

I Will Do What I Must by Jared Circusbear

I will Do What I Must

Hopefully, Jared will continue with these sculptures as i’m sure they’ll be

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Jazzinc Corridor Diorama

The second display item announced was this wonderful diorama of a corridor section of the Millennium Falcon. This has been especially designed to be displayed within the confines of a Detolf cabinet.

Estimated to be ready for release in July 2022, this piece is 15.3 x 15 x11.4 inches and is again priced at a very reasonable $350.

I think that Jazzinc Dioramas might be one of my favourite lines of collectibles. Well made, bold and pretty exclusive.

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Jazzinc Bunk Accessory

I received an email today from Jazzinc Dioramas announcing not one, but two Millennium Falcon related products up for pre-order. The first is a small(ish) expansion of the bunk to supplement their impressive cargo hold diorama.

Estimated for a July 2022 release, the single piece unit 15x 15.4x 15 inches and up for pre-order at a not unreasonable $350.

I’ll be putting my pre-order in soon.

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Ise Ananphada Empire Strikes Back Print

The Bottleneck Gallery released this montage style Empire Strikes Back print from Ise Ananphada last night. Unfortunately both the regular version and the metallic ink variant had sold out in less than 2 hours, so I wasn’t able to get one.

$75 and limited to an edition size of 425 pieces.

The metallic variant was $85 and limited to an edition size of 225 pieces. Both prints are a respectable 24″ by 36″ in size.

Ise is based in Bangkok, Thailand and her style is elaborately detailed pop culture screen prints.

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Invicta Millennium Falcon watch

I have two of the Invicta Millennium Falcon watches in my collection and whilst I would say that they’re a bit to much for me to actually use, I think they’re great and am glad that I have them in my collection. This watch (35672) is a little different in look to the others and I will look to adding it to my collection in the near future.

Like the other watches, Invicta have gone for that bold and bulky “in your face” look that seems to be a signature design aesthetic for them. Obviously, the Millennium Falcon face is the main draw on this timepiece, but with the exception of the stylized cockpit rendition on the 3, 6 and 9 o’clock position there aren’t too many references.

Invicta Watch CAD Drawing

As with others, the rear of the watch has an etching of the Falcon along with the edition number (which is 1977 pieces).

The watch features Swiss movement and water resistant up to 1000 metres.

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Vehement Reprisal by Dave Seeley

Dave Seeley recently posted this spectacular original painting on his Instagram page. “Vehement Reprisal” was painted for the “Smugglers Run” book, but the Phil Noto duo tone art won out in the end.

Vehement Reprisal by Dave Seeley

I believe that Dave finished it over lock down and that It is being offered to Lucasfilm, as they get first dibs on all Star Wars original art. I doubt very much they’ll pass it up, but if they do, i’m going for it.

Oil on Canvas, it’s 31″ by 44″ and it comes unframed, so i’d need to sort that out quite quickly as this needs to be hung and seen. You can see the incredible detail in these close up images. I like that image has been painted above a planet (Tattooine, perhaps?) The earthy tone really contrasts with the star field in the background and you can’t help but focus on the battle taking place here. There’s a lot of action and excitement you can’t help but want to know more about the story that’s being told.

I feel a little guilty too as I think I like this painting more than my Death Star Escape painting that I bought a few years ago, and I bloody adore that painting.

Apologies for the photos as they’re just screengrabs from Dave’s website.

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Philadelphia Phillies Millennium Falcon Bobblehead.

I really enjoy these Star Wars sports memorabilia collectibles and have been fortunate enough to obtain a few for my Millennium Falcon collection over the years. For a UK collector they’re unusual and generally good quality and I’d recommend them to other collectors. My latest addition is this Millennium Falcon bobblehead from the Philidelphia Phillies game from a Star Wars theme night game played with the LA Dodgers on August 21.

Like the others, this is made from a dense plastic, or resin and has a comforting weight. I prefer the stadium ones though.

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Noriyosha Ohrai original painting for sale

I thought i’d post this “Star Wars Millennium Falcon” original painting by Noriyosha Ohrai that’s on Ebay at the moment.

1982 Star Wars Millennnium Falcon by Noriyosha Ohrai

Noriyosha Ohrai’s work is quite well known as he painted quite a lot of Star Wars art, much of which was used as covers for various Japanese Star Wars books. This painting is dated from 1982 and is and impressive 20″ by 30″, (28″ by 38.5″ in it’s frame). It’s signed at the bottom.

I think it’s lovely. I like the lighting of the Falcon which is quite dramatic. The broad brush strokes look rough at first, but comes together quite nicely when you view the entire picture.

I think that original artwork is probably my favourite part of collecting and there is something very nice in the thought of owning a one off piece, so i think that this would be quite an addition to any collection, but the current asking price of $180,000 puts this way out of the league of my little collection.

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