3d Printed Corridor Wall Lamps from MunichCosplayStudios

Munichcosplaystudios appeared on my Instagram feed for their Millennium Falcon corridor wall lamps. Quite useful and very innovative, in my opinion.

Available in 3 sizes, with two finishes, there are dimmable and on-off versions available and prices range from £26.72 to £298.33. Could these be considered “prop-replicas”? I don’t see why not.

I’ll keep an eye on these as i’d like to get a pair to go up my stairs.

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Twelve Parsecs by Nigel Sade

A companion to Nigel Sade’s “Punch It” is “Twelve Parsecs“. Essentially a very similar image but using Lando Calrissian’s Millennium Falcon as we see her in Solo.

Twelve Parsecs by Nigel Sade

Again, this print is available in four sizes. The Petit, (6″ by 10″ for $22.50), the Standard, (10″ by 20″ for $55), the Grande (16″ by 30″ for $110) and the Texas, which is a huge 24″ by 60″ for $300). The Grande and Texas prints a limited to an edition size of 10 and 5 pieces respectively.

I find myself wondering whether he’ll go for a triptych? (I suppose that the Sequel Trilogy Falcon’s already been done in Garbage and Welcome Home. Still, I’d love to see the Stellar Envoy as i think the paint job would really suit Nigel’s artistic style.)

Check out the website as there are a lot of really nice SF ships from Star Wars and other well loved franchises including Mass Effect and Doctor Who. I’m quite enamoured by a few of his prints. Bounty is Nigel’s take on Slave One and I think it’s bloody lovely.

Bounty by Nigel Sade

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Punch it by Nigel Sade

Nigel Sade has a pretty unique artistic style and judging by the number of starship prints on his site, he’s clearly a Science Fiction fan as well. His work is dark, visceral and has a kind of organic biomechanical look to it that is somehow disturbing yet beautiful.

Punch It” is Nigel’s second take on the Millennium Falcon and I rather like it.

Nigel Sade “Punch It”

Available in four sizes, ranging from the Petit, (6″ by 10″ for $22.50), the Standard, (10″ by 20″ for $55), the Grande (16″ by 30″ for $110) and limited to a 10 piece edition size and the Texas, which is a huge 24″ by 60″ for $300 and limited to 5 a piece edition size.

There are a lot of really nice images on his site from various Science Fiction Franchises. I especially like his take on The Enterprise A in “To Boldly Go”.

To Boldly Go by Nigel Sade

All Of This Has Happened Before – Battlestar Galactica.

All Of This Has Happened Before
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Millennium Falcon from Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski have made a few Star Wars ships in their signature crystal and I’ve always had a little soft spot for the line, especially after seeing them in the flesh. The figurines were really well made and about the same size as the Kenner action figures. The weight was pretty substantial which did impress me. Naturally, I wanted the Millennium Falcon but £12, 000 for their limited edition crystal encrusted Falcon is way too rich for my blood.

Swaroski Millennium Falcon (Article no.: 5619212)

This Millennium Falcon crystal is what i wanted and much more in my price range. Crafted from white crystal with grey and blue detailing, the ship is created using 715 individual cuts. It has metal accents on the quad guns and the rectenna and a matching metal stand. I think it’s quite pretty and will try and add it to my collection.

The ship dimensions are 14.8 cms long, by 10.6 cms wide and 9.5 high which is about the same size as the Franklin Mint Millennium Falcon. It retails for £400, which is quite reasonable, I think.

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Brick Lane Mural

My Instagram feed posted this beautiful Mural of the Millennium Falcon that looks like its crashing through the wall in the Brick Lane area. Unfortunately, I don’t know who the artist is, so I’m not in a position to credit them.

It never ceases to amaze me as to how much time and effort goes into the creation of something such as this. I really like the fact that this type of art is gaining traction in the city and many hoardings to building sites will often have a commissioned mural on it.

The area is quite well known for it’s graffiti murals and this one is located in the beautifully named Nomadic Gardens. I must take a day out to go and see them.

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Galaxy’s Edge Souvenir from Disney Parks

One of the things I really enjoy about focus collecting is the discovery of new, exclusive, or unusual items that I would never ordinarily know about. Heritage Auctions has this lot of three press kits containing various Star Wars ephemera from Disney Parks and comes with a couple of interesting bits. Most notable is this key from the grand opening of the Galaxy’s Edge theme park in 2019. I’ve never seen this before and think it’s a very unusual item.

Measuring 6″ by 4″, its mounted on a wooden plaque and is still in its original box. This one is numbered 308 of 850 and while it does show some wear and tear, its still very desirable and I don’t expect I’ll come across this often.

In the same lot is this brochure from Tokyo Disneyland with the Millennium Falcon on the front. Again, another unusual item that I don’t expect to see often. It looks like the Falcon is a card cover that opens out with the actual brochure behind it.

The final part of this lot is a collection is another press kit from the 1987 opening of Star Tours with some glow in the dark buttons and also includes a memo sent to cast members. Quite a nice piece of Star Wars history in my opinion.

You can bid on these press kits at the Heritage Auctions website here.

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Date Nite At The Black Spire Outpost by Brian Miller

Yes, i know i’m fickle, but had this been the original trilogy Millennium Falcon, it probably would’ve been my favourite, as i love the colour and the old movie poster styling. Date Nite At The Black Spire Outpost by Brian Miller refers to the Star Wars theme park at Disney.

“I was inspired to create a vintage-style illustration celebrating the thrill and romance of Black Spire Outpost under starlight. Imagine walking arm-in-arm with your date from a galaxy far, far away. The soft warm glow of lights and melodic sounds spill out of the cantina as exotic scents fill the nite air. You stroll past the Millennium Falcon and wonder what life as a smuggler would be like. Enjoy the perfect date nite on Batuu — just watch out for First Order stormtroopers!” – Brian Miller.

At 18″ by 24″ this will be easy to frame and hang straight away. $65 each and is limited to 250 pieces to be collected at the event. As with the others, i’ll keep an eye out for artists proofs.

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The Princess’s Gambit by Chris Trevas

The Princess’s Gambit is another “off camera” scene from Chris Trevas and shows our intrepid heroes aboard the Millennium Falcon planning their bold rescue of Han Solo before the events of Return of the Jedi.

Chris Trevas says “I love the beginning of Return of the Jedi, as each of our heroes makes it to Jabba’s palace leading up to Han’s rescue. I wanted to show how each seemingly sacrificial move was accounted for, so that everyone was in place to win the day. This is the coordination of one half of the team. Lando has snuck away from the palace with important recon from inside. Chewie has been on the Falcon as their Tatooine base of operations. Leia is in place as leader, wearing her general’s uniform, making final preparations.

“With the scene in mind, I figured out poses and found character reference with perfect expressions to convey the emotions I wanted. I painted the piece digitally, keeping in mind the lighting and visual style of the movies to make it feel like a piece of film we just missed. While I’m working I can almost hear what the movie would sound like at this moment, and my goal is to make that happen for the viewer as well.”

Chris Trevas has to be one of my favourite Star Wars artists and that this print takes place on the Falcon makes this an easy one to want. Limited to an edition size of 250, these are generally bought on the Dark Ink site and collected at the event. I’ll check Chris’s website after the event to see if any unsold prints, or artists proofs become available.

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I’m Not In It For You, Princess by Karen Hallion

Another image that takes place in the cockpit is I’m Not In It For You, Princess is a sweet montage by Karen Hallion showing Han and Leia’s journey from A New Hope through to The Force Awakens.

“This piece showcases some of the different facets of Han and Leia’s relationship; using this shot seemed to frame that perfectly. All of the windows of the Falcon are a great mosaic to place scenes. This key scene of Han saying ‘I’m not in it for you,’ which I feel like ended up being false, was important to show. To me, Leia helped Han become a better man; he stayed with the rebels because of his love for her and because she changed him.” says Karen.

18″ by 24″ and $75, it too is limited to an edition of 250 pieces.

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Punch It Chewie by Joe Corroney

Of the prints shown for this years celebrations event, i think that Punch It, Chewie by Joe Corroney is really awesome. The Falcon’s cockpit has always been such an iconic part of the Millennium Falcon’s design, so it’s always good to see a print that takes place in the cockpit. This image is from Solo and with a Young Han Solo and Chewbacca at the helm, i think this is as the make their way through the Kessel Run.

Joe says “I loved everything about Solo: A Star Wars Story when it came out a few years ago — the adventure, the action, the new planets, and the new characters. But most especially the origin story of the saga’s most infamous Corellian smuggler, his faithful Wookiee co-pilot, and the iconic Millennium Falcon. I wanted to capture the excitement and the love for these earlier versions of the characters along with the sleeker, original design of the Falcon’s cockpit from the movie in my new artwork. ‘Punch It, Chewie!’ is my love letter to Solo.”

Limited to an edition size of 18″ by 24″ it’s $75 and can only be collected by attending Celebrations Anaheim.

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