Philadelphia Phillies Millennium Falcon Bobblehead.

I really enjoy these Star Wars sports memorabilia collectibles and have been fortunate enough to obtain a few for my Millennium Falcon collection over the years. For a UK collector they’re unusual and generally good quality and I’d recommend them to other collectors. My latest addition is this Millennium Falcon bobblehead from the Philidelphia Phillies game from a Star Wars theme night game played with the LA Dodgers on August 21.

Like the others, this is made from a dense plastic, or resin and has a comforting weight. I prefer the stadium ones though.

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Noriyosha Ohrai original painting for sale

I thought i’d post this “Star Wars Millennium Falcon” original painting by Noriyosha Ohrai that’s on Ebay at the moment.

1982 Star Wars Millennnium Falcon by Noriyosha Ohrai

Noriyosha Ohrai’s work is quite well known as he painted quite a lot of Star Wars art, much of which was used as covers for various Japanese Star Wars books. This painting is dated from 1982 and is and impressive 20″ by 30″, (28″ by 38.5″ in it’s frame). It’s signed at the bottom.

I think it’s lovely. I like the lighting of the Falcon which is quite dramatic. The broad brush strokes look rough at first, but comes together quite nicely when you view the entire picture.

I think that original artwork is probably my favourite part of collecting and there is something very nice in the thought of owning a one off piece, so i think that this would be quite an addition to any collection, but the current asking price of $180,000 puts this way out of the league of my little collection.

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Swarovski Crystal Covered Millennium Falcon

Swarovski have had their Star Wars licence for a few years now and they released two lines. A series of lovely collectible figurines which were in the mid range price bracket. These were about the size of the Kenner/Hasbro action figures at about 4″ tall. They also released three crystal covered helmets, which were much more expensive at around $8, 000 each. A few weeks ago a crystal covered Millennium Falcon was released.

Swarovski Millennium Falcon

Covered in 25, 611 hand set crystals which takes the artisans at Swarovski about 160 hours for each one. The black metal base has been designed with a fully reflective mirror effect to showcase this collectible fully and is individually numbered.

Limited to an edition size of 100, it’s 26 by 16 by 18.5 centimetres and It looks like the engine lights up, too. Priced at an impressive 19, 900 Euros, it is way out of the price range of a modest collector such as myself. Would I buy one? Yeah, if I won the lottery, I think I would but I’m still holding out for one of their Figurines.

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NZ Mint Shaped Millennium Falcon Silver Coin

Collecting has been really slow over the last few months, so i was delighted to see that the NZ Mint released a beautiful Silver shaped Coin of the Millennium Falcon. The high relief really brings out the detail and I have to confess that I think it’s rather pretty.

Limited to an edition size of 5,000 its priced at a pretty reasonable $119. As with the other coins in the collection, it comes in an attractive case that is set up nicely for display.

Naturally i tried to order one immediately, but unfortunately, they don’t ship to the UK, which is disappointing to say the least and a little odd considering that it’s the Queen’s head on the back of the coin. 🙂

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Star Wars Cockpits Book by Marc Hagan-Guirey

It’s not too often that I see pop up stuff relating to the Falcon. Perhaps the occasional birthday card, or some such. This book of Star Wars Cockpits by Marc Hagan-Guirey (aka Paperdandy) is pretty innovative and creative and features five cockpits from various Star Wars ships.

At 40 Earth monies it wasn’t cheap, but i appreciate that the printing costs for this book must have been huge as it’s pretty complex. Of course, The Millennium Falcon cockpit is the reason why I bought the book.

X-Wing Fighter.

Tie Fighter

Star Destroyer


I think my favourite one is the Snowspeeder. There’s a great video on the Fantha Tracks Facebook page of this being opened up.

Another great book to add to my Millennium Falcon library.

The book is well worth getting and it will be interesting to see how Marc follows this up.

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Joe “Solo” Mauer bobblehead

Another sporting souvenir that fits nicely into my collection is this bobblehead of Joe “Solo” Mauer at one of the Millennium Falcon gunnery stations.

It’s about 12 cms long and made from a high quality plastic. As with the others, 9 its a great addition to my collection and i hope there are more sports collectibles in the future.

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Met Solo and Chewbacca Bobblehead

I have a couple of Millennium Falcon stadium figurines that were available at various US sporting events on Star Wars day and I really like them. They’re pretty unique for a UK collection, so I thought that I’d look for more of the same.

Met Solo 2018

I thought this Mister Mets figurine with Chewbacca in the Millennium Falcon cockpit was really cool. Given away on the New York Mets Star Wars Night on May 19th 2018 and presented by Citi, 25,000 of these were given away to fans who attended the game.

I tend to sub-categorize my collection and the cockpit is one of the main ones. If or when i finally get around to displaying my collection properly, the cockpit will feature prominently and this will display very nicely indeed.

Thanks to the Stadium Giveaway Exchange for the heads up.

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Star Wars Ships and Vehicles Partwork from Altaya

French company Altaya have started to release a Vessels and Vehicles partwork magazine. At the moment, it’s only available in France, but i’m hoping that a DeAgostini release will follow in the UK soon.

The Sequel Trilogy Millennium Falcon was released last year as a tester with the Original Trilogy Falcon due to be one of the first models released in the series.

The ships are made from metal and are around 15 centimetres in length, so just over twice as large as the previous partwork released by DeAgostini a few years ago. I’ve ordered the ST version from and a friend on Rebelscum is going to get the OT version for me.

The ships are also displayed on a named stand similar to the Hasbro’s Action Fleet rather than a small, boxed diorama. They should display quite nicely together.

OT Millennium Falcon

I suspect we will get the Solo version of the Falcon as the series progresses and i’m hoping for a Stellar Envoy too, but i suspect that Disney have retconned that version of the ship.

With so much happened in the years between the two magazines, i’m hoping that there will be a lot of new ships released. (I may be a Millennium Falcon focus collector, but i still like to collect vicariously through others. 🙂 Besides, i might be tempted to get other ships, such as the Ebon Hawk, or the Stinger Mantis.)

Out of curiosity, I bought the book that comes with the figurine and was very pleasantly surprised. It’s a lovely A4 hardback book of 72 pages.

Vehicles and Vessels Partwork

Where as other partworks tend to be quite broad in their subject matter, this one focuses purely on vehicles and vessels and actually promises to build into a nice set on a specific subject. This section focuses solely on the Falcon and has many images borrowed from other sources such as the Haynes Owners Manual and the “Build the Millennium Falcon” Partwork. However, I suspect that other volumes will feature multiple ships. It’s all in alphabetical order with this particular book being Volume 74 in an 80 book encyclopaedia.

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“Scoundrels” by Al Abbazia

Dark Ink also released Al Abbazia’s “Scoundrels” print for their May the Fourth celebrations this year.

Scoundrels by Al Abbazia

Also limited to an edition size of 250, the print is $50 and 24″ by 16″.

Unfortunately, they’re not shipping to the UK for these, which is hugely disappointing.

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“Yahooo!” by Rob Surette

May the Fourth is always and expensive time of the year for us Star Wars collectors. Amongst the offerings from Dark Ink this year is Rob Surette’s wonderful “Yahooo!“, which shows Han and Chewie’s timely intervention in Luke’s attack run on the Death Star.

“Yahooo!” by Rob Surette

I really think this is a great print and will pair very nicely with Jerry Vanderstelt’s “She’s Got It Where It Counts, Kid“.

The print is 12″ by “24” and limited to an edition size of 250 pieces.

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