Millennium Falcon cockpit by Padawan Bear patches.

These Millennium Falcon cockpit patches from Padawan Bear Patches are based off the Kenner Millennium Falcon and are very nostalgic, IMO. They’re really nice and if you’re looking for a great little stocking filler, this could be it.

The patches are 3.5″ and only £5 each. I ordered two.

There’s also an enamel pin in the same style that I ordered. These are 1.5″ and have two posts on the back and are £11 each.

I really like them.

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Millennium Falcon doorway by Boba’s Hutt

Boba’s Hutt on Etsy has some lovely, small diorama settings scaled for the Hasbro Black series of Star Wars action figures. This one of the Millennium Falcon doorway is pretty cool and looks to be very well made.

It’s £45 and with Christmas just around the corner, I think it makes a great stocking filler.

I think that these are very nice ways to display your toys and there are other great dioramas from all Star Wars, but I especially like the AT-ST from Return of the Jedi. But then, I am biased toward the Original Trilogy.

I don’t have any of the Hasbro Black figures, but I’ll need to pick up and Han/Chewie paid after this.

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Millennium Falcon from The Koin Club

This “Hidden Secrets” Millennium Falcon coin is available from th Koin Club.

Made from iron and silver plated, the coins are 32mm and come in a themed presentation card that includes a small summary. The hidden secret is revealed by a small UV light which is provided. Quite good value at £15.

I quite like it, but a small complaint as i think that the card and the coin should match, shouldn’t they?

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Main Cargo Hold Crates from Jazzinc Dioramas

My Cargo Hold expansion set is now with me and noticed that Jazzinc also had a limited set of cargo hold crates available for sale. $60 for a pair of crates, which has been limited to a very small run of only 25.

I bought a setr and I think they’ll look great in the diorama. (If and when I can finally display them as the actual diorama is bloody huge.) 🙂

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Millennium Falcon Kids Play Tent

Shop Disney have this lovely Millennium Falcon Cockpit play tent on their US Site which I think is pretty adorable.

This is a nicely thought-out play area and I love the details such as the zippered door and the panels and control surfaces. Throw a few Star Wars toys in here and it should keep your child happy for ages.

Made from Polyester, it unfolds to an impressive 61″ by 44″ by 45″ and when you’ve finished with it, it comes with this nice bag for storage.

I think the $80 price for this is quite reasonable. At the moment, it’s only available on their US Store.

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Signed Millennium Falcon Photo

I thought that this 20″ by 16″ photo of the Millennium Falcon was a very interesting item indeed.

A small piece of Star Wars History, this photo of the filming miniature of the Millennium Falcon has been signed by 48 members of ILM. (Chris Anderson, Charlie Bailey, Craig Barron, David Beasley, Rob Blalack, Marty Brenneis, Ben Burtt, Colin Cantwell, Chris Casady, Don Dow, Loring Doyle, John Dykstra, Selwyn Eddy III, Richard Edlund, Harrison Ellenshaw, Jon Erland, Robert Finley III, Richard Fish, Mike Fulmer, Steve Gawley, Ray Gilberti, Bill Hargreaves, Paul Huston, Joe Johnston, Dave Jones, Neil Krepela, Peter Kuran, Mike MacKenzie, Jeff Mann, Scott Marshall, Mike McAlister, Pat McClung, Dennis Muren, Bruce Nicholson, Frank Ordaz, Ease Owyeung, Lorne Peterson, Ken Ralston, David Scott, Jonathan Seay, Jamie Shourt, William Shourt, Doug Smith, Randy Thom, Donna Tracy, Byron Werner, Jody Westheimer and Sam Zolltheis.)

One of only 30 that were made, this one has never been displayed and should be in perfect condition. On sale at eBay by Verisigned. It has been authenticated by Beckett Authentication Services (BAS). I’m not sure how old it is, but I estimate it to be around the time of the Empire Strikes Back. It is available for a buy it now price of $8665, which is far too rich for my purse, but if I could afford it, I’d get it in a heartbeat. It’s a great item in my opinion.

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Escape The Death Star battlepack from Jazwares

Jazwares have increased their line slightly by introducing “battlepacks”. This Walmart exclusive is Escape the Deathstar which includes the Millennium Falcon and two pursuing Tie Fighters.

The only difference that I can see is that farm boy Luke replaces Ben Kenobi.

$59.97 when you buy online. The completist in me means that I will try and get one.

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“We’ve Got To Go Back” by Bill Madia.

I adore Bill Madia’s Movies in Miniature micro paintings and have a few in my collection. This one is his best yet, I think and Bill himself is quite rightly very pleased with it. The colour and lighting is fantastic and the Millennium Falcon is just right.

We’ve Got To Go Back

Like his other art work, this painting is oil on canvas and is 2” by 4”. I’ve messaged to ask if it’s still available, but I suspect I would’ve missed it.

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Millennium Falcon by Rob Bishop

Rob Bishop recently had his solo show at the MP Gallery in Hertfordshire and this etched maple wood Millennium Falcon image was one of the images for sale.

Rob Bishop

A cabinet maker with an education in Graphic design and a full time artist since 2015, Rob’s work is a little unusual in the sense that each of these images is manipulated and engraved on to a piece of maple wood and then personalised so that every version is slightly different from the others. Rob calls them “Original Variations” and his Millennium Falcon has a run of ten and I feel bloody lucky to have snagged one as Rob said that this is his fastest selling work, so far.

68 by 97 centimetres in its frame, they’re £995 each. I think it’s bloody gorgeous and I love that Rob makes each frame with each individual image in mind. To finish them off, Rob signs each piece with his thumb print in the bottom corner.

Check out the MP Gallery website as there are a lot of Rob’s Star Wars, Marvel and DC art there. I especially liked his Heath Ledger Joker artwork. Follow Rob’s Instagram and Website.

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Florida Highway Patrol Challenge Coins

I have a couple of challenge coins in my collection and i love them for being quirky items in my collection. They’re mostly US law enforcement or military and although Star Wars is a popular theme, Millennium Falcon ones are few and far between. I saw these black and silver Challenge Coins for the Florida Highway Patrol on Ebay. Unfortunately, i was only able to snag the silver one.

I wonder why they didn’t go with the dish? I also think adding the “thin blue line” is a nice touch.

I’m making some assumptions that they’re from 2022 and that the black one is rarer than the silver one, but i think i prefer the clarity of the silver one. They look to be about 5″ in length and 4″ wide.

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