Bill Madia’s Movies In Miniature paintings

Bill Madia paints his “Movies in Miniature” work on a canvas measuring 2″ by 4″. Genre movies and TV such as Alien, Batman, Babylon 5, Farscape, Superman, Star Trek and of course, Star Wars.

He has painted the Millennium Falcon on several occasions and in all of her forms. I was able to reserve four paintings pending the mail services restarting after the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Bill Madia 1

Bill Madia 2

Bill Madia 3

Bill Madia 4

I think they’re wonderful and will look very nice on my shelves.

Each is an original hand painted piece of art on a 2″ by 4″ canvas. They’re aproximately $50 each with a suitable display stand and free shipping throughout the mainland USA.

There are others on his feed, but they’re all sold.


Bill Madia Sold 9

Bill Madia Sold 8

A New Hope

Bill Madia Sold 5Bill Madia Sold 10Bill Madia Sold 11Bill Madia Sold 12

The Empire Strikes Back

Bill Madia Sold 4Bill Madia Sold 7

Return of the Jedi

Bill Madia Sold 6

The Last Jedi

Bill Madia Sold 13Bill Madia Sold 14

Check out Bill’s Instagram feed and DM him if you’re interested in any of his work.

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Millennium Falcon Lego Polybags

These polybag Lego Millennium Falcon kits were a gift in the Lego magzine.

911607 (released in 2018) is of the Original Trilogy Millennium Falcon.

Millennium Falcon Polybag

911949 was released in 2019 to coincide with the Solo movie at the cinema.

Solo Polybag

I bought both off of ebay for around £6 each. I’m not sure if I’ll build them, but they do close a couple of holes in my Lego Millennium Falcon collection.

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“The Smuggler” Cocktail Strainer

The Mover and Shaker Co have released a series of 3 Star Wars cocktail strainers. The Smuggler is their take on the Millennium Falcon.

The Smuggler Strainer1

They’re $55 each and are 6″ by 4″, it’s cut from a piece of 1.5 mm thick Stainless steel.

The Smuggler Strainer2

The Smuggler Strainer3

It looks like a good quality product and will be an unusual addition to my collection.

There are two other strainers in the set. Red Five (X-Wing)

Red Five strainer

And That’s No Moon (Death Star).

Thats No Moon strainer

I think it’s a nice line and i look forward to seeing where they take this.

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Build Your Own Cookie Millennium Falcon

Foor items for my collection are something of a rarity, so I was really pleased to have won this auction for a Build Your Own Millennium Falcon Gingerbread cookie.

Gingerbread Biscuit kit Front

Made by Park Avenue Foods, It arrived from Australia in surprisingly good condition. The cookie is about 8″ long. Everything is pre made and it comes with the icing and toppings. All you need to do is build it. Delicious!

Gingerbread Biscuit kit Back

There is a Gingerbread house from the Canada that i’m looking for too.


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“Falcon Rising” by Mark Chilcott

At 12pm ET (approximately 17:00  UK time) the Bottleneck Gallery will be releasing a series of three prints by Mark Chilcott based on Rebel Alliance Starfighters.

Falcon Rising, X-Wing Sunset and Hoth Mission will be available individually for $45 each or as set for $130.Falcon Rising by Mark ChilcottX-Wing SunsetHoth MissionEach  print is 24″ by 12″ and is limited to an edition size of 150 each.

I think they’re lovely and i really regret not getting the set. They remind me very much of Rich Davies‘s work in which the landscape is very much the centre of each piece.

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JazzInc Hold Expansion

JazzInc have announced an expansion to complement their TruScale 1:6 Millennium Falcon hold diorama. 


Photos are at the design stage and it is still very much a work in progress. I’ll post more once they release photos of their prototype.

The expansion includes the Navigation Consul, chair and a large area of decking to display your figures. As with previous dioramas, you can order the basic expansion for $603.79 or upgrade to the “Full Floorplan” deluxe version, which includes extra walls, a scanner station and some crates and barrels for $1208.79. (Payment plans are available, so I’ll be ordering the deluxe version.)


When placed next to the existing hold, the total dimensions will be 44″ wide and 36″ deep, with a sloping height of 18″. It’s scheduled for release on March 31st 2021.


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Millennium Falcon Aquarium Ornament

This aquarium ornament certainly ranks as one of the more stranger items in my collection. It’s listed asa Kestral Spacecraft fish tak ornament, so i’m guessing that it isn’t an official piece of merchandise. 🙂


It’ll go well with the background i bought when I first started focus collecting. Its 23cms long is made of plastic. Unfortunately, mine broke in the post, but with a bit of super glue it was an easy fix.

I do wonder what it was molded from. Perhaps a 1:144 model kit?

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